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Midnight Happy Dragon

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We hope you will have lots of fun with your pet! If you adopt this pet, you will receive some free gifts, shown below. Your pet's skills will create new things to own and use in pictures and stories about its adventures. Other things you can either buy, trade for, or receive as gifts from other players.

At this time all game play details are in the design stage. They represent what we want to do. However the views of players, technical practicalities and the developer's discretion may result in the game functioning differently after launch.

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About the game

In "Pets 'n' Friends" you will be able to adopt as many pets as you want into your family, but you can only have one pet of each type.

Each pet needs a home, like the one on the left. Your first pet is free and comes with a free home. Once you have adopted your first pet, you must buy additional homes before you can adopt extra pets. You can adopt as many pets as you have homes.

If you later want to change a pet without having to pay for a new home, you can tell your old pet to hibernate. Your old pet will then be unable to take part in game play, and will only be visible to you. If you change your mind and want to wake your old pet later on, you can do so, but you can only have as many pets awake at once as you have homes.

If we introduce a new pet you prefer, you can always adopt it instead of one of those you have; so you can adopt today without blocking a better choice later!

One copy of this pose is free when you adopt this pet. You can buy more in the Mall, or receive this pose through gifts or trades.

Buy this pose in the mall, or receive it through gifts or trades.

Buy this pose in the mall, or receive it through gifts or trades.

Midnight Happy Dragon

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When I was a baby dragon I used to watch my older brothers and sisters make fire for other creatures and couldn't wait until I was old enough. They had all the fun (and I had to stay home tending the hoard). I remember one time they all got to fly out and burn the fields. It's done every spring to get rid of the last season's dried up grasses, and make the soil rich for new growth. It's a sight to behold! And the cows are so grateful. They make ice cream and we come and turn it into baked Alaska.

Now I'm grown up, I love to help others and am always willing to lend my fire to fellow creatures. Sometimes they need fire to make something. I make blue fire, while my green cousins make orange fire. At least my fire matches my scales!

Some creatures are scared of me because I'm so big and fierce looking, but I am a friendly creature and I'm not so scary ... I'm scared of spiders! (Did someone say 'spider'? WHERE?)

I have the luxury of seeing the world from an aerial view whenever I want. The skill of flight is a thing I treasure every day. I am glad to be able to see the world of PnF from both the ground and sky. I often venture to places far, far away, then I bring back wonderful pictures of my travels for my friends to enjoy!

Find Food

Your pet becomes an expert at finding its own food!

You can use this skill on your own.

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cold dragon fire
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midnight happy dragon standing
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fire extinguisher
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dragon pendant
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gourd house
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