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Playing Pets 'n' Friends on your mobile phone

You can now play "Pets 'n' Friends" on your mobile phone! You can even create an account and adopt your first pet! Here's how to get and use the 'Puffin' browser, which makes it possible.

Currently, the only way to create a Pets 'n' Friends account is on Facebook using a desktop or a laptop. This is due to specific limitations of mobile browsers. We hope to find a way around those limitations in future. In the meanwhile, if you don't have a desktop or a laptop, visit a library or ask a friend to let you use their computer to create a PnF account on Facebook. Then you can either play on Facebook, or create a 'stand alone' account and play on this site. With a Facebook account, you can use a mobile phone to play PnF, but only on the 'Puffin' browser (see below). With a 'stand alone' account, you can play Pets 'n' Friends on any mobile browser; but we recommend Puffin.

Some features of PnF are much easier to use on the 'Puffin' browser, which provides mouse simulation. There is no need for a download of any kind from anywhere; just visit this site and enjoy the game!

(Instructions are for an iPhone/IOS, but the process should be similar for Android phones).

Click on the "add applications" button on your phone desktop. Click on "search" and type in "puffin". Choose "puffin web browser free" from the list.

Now you should be on this page. Click "get" opposite the puffin image, in blue.

The blue "get" now changes to green "install". Click on install.

Go back to your desktop and click on the new application you added (Puffin Browser). You will now see this page. Click on "start" for a basic tutorial.

Now click on the magnifying glass image in the top bar (search). You will then see this screen. To play PnF on Facebook, in the white bar at the top, type:
You MUST make sure the address is NOT changed automatically to include ".m" before "www"; the ".m" version of Facebook will not let you use the app.

To use the stand alone site,

In the stand alone site, you are in the game at once.

When using Facebook, select PnF from your wall in the usual way, then you will enter "Pets 'n' Friends" on your own family page!

What makes Puffin uniquely helpful is it provides a trackpad and cursor. To use them, click the little "mouse" icon in very bottom left of screen (shown here inside a black circle).

Here they are - now you can use the trackpad exactly as you would a mouse.

Known problems

  • 1. On some mobile phones you may have to rotate your screen to see the whole page.

  • Why Puffin?

    • 1. Puffin provides a mouse and cursor which make it much easier to play PnF in the usual way.
    • 2. (For those without a stand alone account.) The problem with other mobile browsers is they connect to a special version of Facebook; we would have to write special code to handle it. At the moment we don't have enough skilled programming resources to do so. But as Puffin provides the best facilities for using PnF on a mobile phone, there is now little point in us providing a service for the mobile version of Facebook.

    Your thoughts and ideas matter!

    Please let us know what does/does not work for you on your mobile phone. We do not have every type of mobile phone to try our software out on, so we won't know what does and does not work on your phone unless you tell us. Please contact us through the friendly and welcoming PnF Facebook group to let us know about your experiences and suggestions for improvements. Functionality for desktops and laptops remains our priority, but users should be able to play most aspects of the game using their mobile phones!

A big thank you to Amanda Clarke for pictures and advice!

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