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Dec 5th 2017
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Dec 6th 2017

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Dec 7th 2017
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Ugly Christmas Sweater

Scaredy Cat is embarrassed and mortified. They are having an "Ugly Christmas Sweater" contest at the local community center and his hooman is insisting that he go. She asked great-great Aunt Penelope (who is she?) to make him a sweater that would be sure to win. So now he's wearing this thing and it is so not very becoming of a cat. It has snowmen all over the sweater! What cat wears a sweater with snowmen on it? And to make things worse, Aunt Penelope is not very good at knitting and the sweater she knitted doesn't even fit right on him. It's too big on one side and not quite right on the other. You'd think that if she's going to knit it wrong, the wrong bits would at least match up. Bob walks in the room and begins to laugh uncontrollably at the sight of his friend. Scaredy Cat wishes he could just sneak off to the attic and hide.

This week - we're going to honor the "fun" tradition of the "Ugly Christmas Sweater" contest! We want you to design your very own Christmas sweater! Adorn it with as much or as little decorations as you want to show off your style! Will your pet want to wear one with an assortment of baubles and bits hanging off of it? Will it have lights flashing and twinkling? Can you put in a gizmo to make it play music when you squeeze a little button? Will it be something that will make everypet say "OOO and AHH" or will it cause them to roll their eyes and laugh out loud? Create that one-of-a-kind Christmas sweater and be the talk of the season!

For your participation, you will receive.....

*** Please note that for this art challenge, I will be ending it later than usual due to a Christmas engagement I have with the radio station I volunteer at. This will end 3 hours later than normal (times listed below)

Here's the basics:
Your submission MUST be related to the theme
You must submit your art to the PnF art gallery - only entries there will be counted.
* Put "Ugly Christmas Sweater" in the title or description
* The entry with the most votes will be declared the winner.
* To vote, click the "vote" button - you may vote for as many entries as you want
* Voting will be open immediately
* This challenge will be open from now until around 3:00am GMT December 12th
(around 10:00pm Tuesday night in the USA).

Boris spends his time crawling down the right hand side of your artwork. If you want to put an image into his Web Gallery, just click on him, but please don't squish him!

Boris is polite, but he doesn't have much of a sense of humour. If anyone tries to 'pull his leg' about something, he fears it might come off, in which case you could be out of the game in a jiffy!

Afraid of spiders? That's too bad. Boris is afraid of spiders, too; all his girlfriends are twice his size and if he takes them out for a meal, they consider him to be part of the menu. So don't be afraid to come into his parlour, unless of course you are Lady Fly, or that huge arachnid who ate her, who Boris fears above all!

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