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Lynn McCorry
& Moxie Crocodile
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Moxie Crocodile is here to welcome you today.
It's taking a lot longer for me to feel well enough to play properly. Thank you so much for the visits, gifts etc. I will be back. Full time ASAP. hugs to you all and so sorry I can't return gifts etc. right now.
NOTE it's taking me way longer to feel well enough to play properly. Thanks for the messages, gifts etc. you all brighten my days. Hugs x x x 26 October 2017
It might just be a few days or up to a couple of weeks. Not sure yet. No need to gift me as I will probably find it hard to get back to you and knowing me, it will just stress me out lol. I'm not up to replying to notes etc. right now so please forgive me if I don't reply to notes that have been sent. Don't want to end up getting even sicker so it's best I do things this way. Thanks for your understanding and friendship. Keep well. Talk just as soon as I can. Hugs x x x Lynn
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