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To swap Foods for larger sizes, you will need at least 12 of the same type and size. In the table below, each cell shows the number of swappable Foods you own of a given type and size. The "swap" button will appear red if you have enough Foods to swap, or grey if you do not. Underneath a red button you may find a drop down, where you may select the quantity you wish to swap. The Food you are swapping is shown on the left of the same row, and the size is shown at the top of the same column. To see an item in a specific size, click the "?" icon in the relevant cell.

Click the 'swap' arrow to convert Foods of the chosen size for Foods of the next size up, shown in the next column to the right. For instance, if in a size 4 cell the drop down says '24 for 2' then you will be swapping 24 size 4 Foods for 2 of size 7.
A confirmation dialogue should appear before the sale and a receipt number should be shown afterwards. If these do not appear, or there is any other problem, refresh the page to see your new stock figures.

How many does it take to make a bigger size?

Click the icons to see the item in the swapped size.

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