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The Adoption Agency

Before you can adopt a pet, you will need a home for it. We recommend this handy little gourd house, available to fit the pet of your choice. Buy one here, then go to the adoption page and adopt any pet on offer! You will also be able to use an additional gourd house in your scenes.

Gourd houses may currently be bought for 20 Golden Moles; owning a house enables adopting a pet. Besides getting to name your pet, write a bio for them and having them appear on your family page, with each adoption you will receive various free gifts, including a free size 10 image of your pet, worth 10 Golden Moles. If you need more Golden Moles, see the Golden Mole shop.

You cannot afford this item yet.

Your adoption status

New users may adopt 1 pet free of charge!

About the game

In "Pets 'n' Friends" you will be able to adopt as many pets as you want into your family, but you can only have one pet of each type.

Each pet needs a home, like the one above. Your first pet is free and comes with a free home. Once you have adopted your first pet, you must buy additional homes before you can adopt extra pets. You can adopt as many pets as you have homes.

If you later want to change a pet without having to pay for a new home, you can tell your old pet to hibernate. Your old pet will then be unable to take part in game play, and will only be visible to you. If you change your mind and want to wake your old pet later on, you can do so, but you can only have as many pets awake at once as you have homes.

If we introduce a new pet you prefer, you can always adopt it instead of one of those you have; so you can adopt today without blocking a better choice later!

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