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Welcome to Pets 'n' Friends ...
... where the pets are virtual, but the friends are real!
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How to do everything PnF!

At the bottom of the page are links to 13 simple videos which explain the key aspects of using PnF. We will add to them as time allows.

Your host

It has been truly said that some people need a computer like a fish needs a bicycle. Flounder agrees, though he is not too sure about computers OR bicycles. He knows that fish swim in schools, and it is only sensible that they should therefore be in charge of schools. On this site your Head Master is Flounder, and if he looks like he is doing the upside down backstroke next time you see him, he isn't drowning, he's waving!

Viewing advice

We recommend Chrome for watching these videos: Firefox has specific faults in its video handling and we do not recommend Internet Explorer or Safari as better than Chrome in any respect.

The following videos were made in 2014 and are already slightly out of date. We intend to replace them with up-to-date versions as soon as possible. In the meanwhile they are still the fastest way to get to know the site, though some of the pages have undergone changes in appearance and now have additonal features. The main differences to the content shown are:

  • The 'troll' button has become a 'folder' icon with a red triangle on it.
  • The blue and green 'bird' icons have now been removed. A 'scribbling spider' icon has replaced one of them.
  • The 'T' (for 'text advice') icon is now always present on your own page.
  • Shapes are no longer sold in different sizes; pets, foods, drinks and gems are still sold in different sizes.

Adopting your first pet

A guide to your page - for new users

Editing the text on your pet's page

Your in-game friends list

The PnF editor: inventory and sizes

Adoption, hibernation and moving pets

About the Friends Gallery

Using BB code and emoticons

A tour of the public gallery

Posting slides in the public gallery

Removing slides from the public gallery

Posting to the public gallery anonymously

Deleting and purging your account

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