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... where the pets are virtual, but the friends are real!
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Our "stand alone" site
What our users said
Using our "stand alone" site
The Site Switcher
The "Join/login" menu
Paypal payments
The "account" menu

Our "stand alone" site

Independence: your pet and your payments are safe!

You can play on our Facebook app, or on this totally independent site. You may have played games which died due to Facebook changes. If those games had had a 'stand alone' site (SAS) like this, you would still be playing them now.

No matter what changes Facebook make, they will NOT affect this site; yet when using this site, you can meet your Facebook friends, because when playing on either, you use the SAME ACCOUNT.

Using the stand alone site means:


What our users said



Barbara Miron

I love having no ads. so nice



Lorraine Anne Smith




Melissa Laura Iwankewycz




Angela Tang

The stand alone site is great and fast! Love it!!



Cindy McGrath

I love the new page a lot bigger than the facebook one, WELL DONE DAVID AND HELPERS



Vicki Leung

I got it, n I just made a new art with it, n don't need puffin anymore woohoooooooooo



Lynn McCorry

I'm noticing some awesome things with the stand alone site. i.e. when you gift from a wishlist, the items you send disappear from the wishlist. When you gift from your gifts, the item immediately gets removed from what you have left. There is now a big "X" to close the gifting box. I know they are small changes but they are awesome and make a big difference to the way I play the game.

And, the new site is so quick. I'm loving it.

Thanks David and everyone involved. You've done yourselves proud!



Kerry Haine

wow the new stand alone site in a word is FANTASTIC, no more face book rubbish on the side, game play stable (yahooo good for my eyes at last) super log on gifts. handy link to (the PnF FB group), well done PnF team you all are super, and a huge thank you to my little lamb who helped me yet again to log in it --- I should also say the game play is super fast on the stand alone site, (i use chrome). log on to it, you will love the new site



Nicole Danielle

It's even fast on puffin!



Kris Bowpitt

Getting my special bonuses for the SAS logins reminds me of when "Farmville" first offered special bonuses only for mobile phone logins. The Farmville scenario was sad for me, because my mobile phone wasn't a modern "smart phone" that could do data, so I felt disadvantaged. Now, I have a very old dodgy slow computer, and not only can I login to the SAS (and get the bonuses), the SAS speeds up game play for me!


Using our stand alone site

Currently we require users to begin by adopting a pet on Facebook. This is a TEMPORARY measure. It enables us to prevent multi-accounting, which is not allowed. When we have other ways of detecting multi-accounting, we will allow initial adoptions without the need for a Facebook account.

1. Adopt a pet on Facebook
Select a pet, choose a name and a gender, click to adopt. You can now play the game on Facebook!

2. Find your username and password
MSP forum and Stand Aone Site accounts are automatically created for you. Whilst in the Facebook app, click the 'down' arrow to the right of your icon in the toolbar. This will reveal the 'account' menu. Click the 'Username' tab to reveal your temporary username and password, good for both the MSP forum and the SAS.

3. Click the 'Join/login' link, top right of this page.
Enter your MSP forum username and password in the login box. Finally click "Login to Pets 'n' Friends", and you're in!

  • Facebook changes can no longer threaten your pet, your friendships or your payments!
  • Get a free daily login bonus from 'The Weather Game' when you login using the SAS!
  • You can play PnF on any mobile browser.

We recommend the 'Puffin' browser, which provides a 'trackpad' for mouse simulation.

Things you may miss (but not much!)

There are few obvious changes, except that for most people, everything works quicker, and some things are missing:

  • The Facebook toolbar.
  • Facebook adverts. No more accidental clicks on them!
  • The Facebook in-game 'chat' feature. We will consider our own when time allows.


The Site Switcher

Since at this time Pets 'n' Friends can only be played on this stand alone site and Facebook, we provide a link from the stand alone site to each equivalent Facebook app page. Because Facebook is the only other option, we show you a Facebook icon in our toolbar to get you there. If in future we add further options for playing PnF, the site switcher will show those other options as well.

You may wonder why the site switcher is not present on Facebook; why we do not link back to stand alone from Facebook? The answer is that Facebook requires developers not to link out to their 'portal' sites from their Facebook apps, or to mention them in their Facebook apps in any way. So we don't, and the site switcher is therefore a one-way street.


The "Join/login" menu

When you click 'Join/login' you should see:

  • Login details. Two boxes for entering your (MSP forum) username and password, and a button saying "Log in to Pets 'n' Friends".
  • A 'RESET PASSWORD' button.

The 'Reset password' button is only of use if you have registered an email on the MSP forum. It takes you to a reset password facility which posts a reply to that email address.


Paypal payments

You will find a payments link in the stand alone version of the gold shop. This is not in the Facebook version, because if we included it, we would be required to also allow payment using Facebook credits.

  • We would have to spend time programming to provide that facility.
  • Facebook would get 30% of the proceeds.
  • Facebook offer 'free' credits which the developer must honour; Facebook get all the 'credit' for being so generous, but we get nothing at all.


The "account" menu

On the right of our toolbar you should see your icon, which when hovered will show your name, and to the right of that, a 'down' arrow. Clicking this arrow opens the 'account' menu.

  • Logout from app
  • Use MSP forum identity / Use FB identity
  • App friends
  • App account
  • Username
  • Password
  • Settings
  • New icon

Logout from app

Clicking this means you are no longer known to the stand alone version of the app and become a 'guest'. (If you are logged in on Facebook you will still be logged in to the Facebook version of the app). This makes sense after using a computer or mobile device which does not belong to you, or if you share use of your computer with someone else. The 'Join/login' link will then appear in place of your icon and the 'down' arrow.

Use MSP forum identity / Use FB identity

This controls how your identity appears in the game.

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