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Visiting: the PnF Social Experience!

Visiting is what puts "Friends" into "Pets 'n' Friends". Forget your troubles! Instead, enjoy the crazy antics of other people's online pets, their art and their humor. There is no need to make lists - PnF does all the work for you! Each of the tabs on this page gives you a special way to get more online pet fun faster than you've ever had it before!

Each tab on this page gives you an easy way to put lots of other users' icons into our toolbar. Clicking an icon in the toolbar takes you straight to a user's page. Each time you do so, the user you just visited drops off the list! But who to visit first? And how? Decisions, decisions ---

Pets 'n' Friends is run by pets - our "non player characters" (NPCs for short!) A daily visit to them provides special rewards. We hope it will also entertain! Many users visit the NPCs first to get their daily rewards, before they go to see other users' pets.

This links you to as many as 1000 users with a single click! (Right now, PnF has 799 users.) But who to visit first? Three choices: most active players (those who will probably visit you back), newest users, earliest users. You don't have to visit them all, but this is the way to see the most users the fastest it can be done!

You want to see your friends first? Use this tab to see them all. Also use this to see whether users you added have added you back yet, and who has been adding you!

Guest Book
Hmm, who came round and shook paws? The visitor list on your page only holds seven icons. This holds the last 1000! If returning a visit is your idea of being polite, this tab will make you as polite as can be!

Check Ins
After you've visited some other pets, maybe you want to go back. Maybe you didn't think you would have time to feed them all, but finished shaking paws earlier than expected? This helps you go back. Or maybe you just want to visit the same pets every day? Then this will act as your personal visiting list.

If the other options aren't quite what you want and you prefer to set things up just the way you want them, the 'Directory' is for you. More options means more buttons and more to decide, so this is to help experienced users get the last ounce of entertainment out of PnF in just the way they like it!