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Luscious Lilac Dolphin

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If you adopt this pet, you will receive some free gifts, shown below. Your pet's skills will create stories about its adventures and new things to own and use in the editor. Other things you can either buy, trade for, or receive as gifts from other players.

Further game play is being designed. Statements regarding pet 'skills' represent the developer's intentions, but the final design is not guaranteed to be as stated.

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You can adopt this FREE starter pet today!

Once you have adopted, you can change your mind and replace your pet with another starter pet free of charge, by hibernating the first one; or you can adopt more pets by buying "gourd houses" for each of them to live in. Once you have adopted your first pet, you can also adopt "Premium" pets.

One size 10 copy of this pose is free when you adopt this as your FIRST pet. After adopting your first pet, other pets require you to own three poses in size 10 or larger before you can adopt them. You can buy more in the Mall, or receive this pose through gifts or trades.

You have -38 size 10 poses.

You have -38 FULL SIZE poses.

One pose could be locked on adoption.

You have -38 size 10 poses.

You have -38 FULL SIZE poses.

One pose could be locked on adoption.

Luscious Lilac Dolphin

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I am the most majestic creature of the seas. Who could be more royal than I - a lilac dolphin! After all, purple is a colour of royalty and us dolphins are beyond intelligent. We may even have those silly humans beat! So, along I swim, nodding to my royal subjects as I go. How adored am I!

In showing my worth, my dignity, my superiority I raise my head high up toward the sky. Look at me my loyal subjects of the seas! Place a crown atop my head and adore my shine. What?!?! Who said place a clown nose?!?!

It is always a grand thing to have royalty put on a show for you. Usually it must go the other way around. However, today I am so thrilled and excited I cannot contain myself. Therefore I leap with joy and swim with grace. I have found a new home where I will be loved and revered for the royalty I am. No more of this clown nose nonsense. Hmpf!

Find Food

Your pet becomes an expert at finding its own food!

Distance swimming

Dolphins have always been very playful, proudly showing off their abilities to leap high into the air and pirouette their way into the depths, reminiscent of a chorus line in a famous ballet! But dolphins are also very social, and soon realised that their friends the manatees, sea turtles and fish did not share their grace or dexterity.

So the dolphins conceived of an activity that all of their friends could join in with them and enjoy. Distance swimming races…which the stodgy older turtles secretly refer to as “organised drowning”…

Favorite food:

Calamari Rings

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Free gifts

Brown Hoop (Back) full size

Brown Hoop (Front) full size

Violet Starfish full size

Aquarium Wallpaper (Basic) full size

Purple Blobby Aquarium Plant (Type 4) full size

Luscious Lilac Dolphin (Swimming) size 10

Gourd House full size

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