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Brown Badger

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If you adopt this pet, you will receive some free gifts, shown below. Your pet's skills will create stories about its adventures and new things to own and use in the editor. Other things you can either buy, trade for, or receive as gifts from other players.

Further game play is being designed. Statements regarding pet 'skills' represent the developer's intentions, but the final design is not guaranteed to be as stated.

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Once you have adopted, you can change your mind and replace your pet with another starter pet free of charge, by hibernating the first one; or you can adopt more pets by buying "gourd houses" for each of them to live in. Once you have adopted your first pet, you can also adopt "Premium" pets.

One size 10 copy of this pose is free when you adopt this as your FIRST pet. After adopting your first pet, other pets require you to own three poses in size 10 or larger before you can adopt them. You can buy more in the Mall, or receive this pose through gifts or trades.

You have -38 size 10 poses.

You have -38 FULL SIZE poses.

One pose could be locked on adoption.

You have -38 size 10 poses.

You have -38 FULL SIZE poses.

One pose could be locked on adoption.

Brown Badger

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Training quietly as a yogini, I am now holding classes! So grab your mat, and a bottle of water, we’ll be starting with simple stretches. It’s important to keep your joints flexible, and balance is good for your core strength and bones. Lay flat on your back and arms and legs out, stretching and reaching, flexing your feet. Tuck your knees to your chest and out! And in, and out. Now, tucking your knees to your chest, gently rock back and forth, stretching out your lower back. Great! Now, on to teach you warrior one!

Slowly closing my eyes, I sit and meditate on life and all it’s chaos. Breathing deeply in and out, I can feel the exhale slowly draining the stress out, and breathing in peace and prayers. Try it with me!

Gazing off to the distance, softening my gaze just a bit, I slowly transition from downward dog to warrior 3. Slowly I put all four paws back to the floor. Yoga always helps me with my balance, inner and outer. A smooth flow helps my practice, changing from one pose to another, remembering to breathe deeply.

Find Food

Your pet becomes an expert at finding its own food!


Well, let’s face it, it’s a tale as old as time. Some badger boys were sitting around the hill one day, when a pretty little thang walked by and caught their eye.

“Do you lift?” she asked, batting her lashes, and the badger boys scrambled to answer, “Boy, do I!”, “You bet I lift.”, “I could bench three of you, little darlin’!”, proceeding to strike their best poses.

After a demonstration of their skills, during which several boulders were lifted and dropped, a toe or two broken, the fair damsel cooed, “If you can lift more than me, I’ll let you catch my dinner.”

The game was on! The badger boys bumped chests, high-fived, snickered a bit, and eyed this pretty petal and wondered who would best her first.

In no time at all, the badger boys were beat, having lifted without much preparation, and panted on the ground at the sweet maid’s feet. Still, there was no way she was going to beat them! So, imagine their surprise when this bashful badger doll slowly cracked her back, her neck, and her knuckles, and demonstrated a dead lift that left the boys bamboozled!

“How’d you do it, doll?” they demanded to know.

“Patience,” she simpered, winking as she walked away, “persistence, and practice. You should try it some time.”

That was the day the competition was born.

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