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Red Dragon

Starter pet

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If you adopt this pet, you will receive some free gifts, shown below. Your pet's skills will create stories about its adventures and new things to own and use in the editor. Other things you can either buy, trade for, or receive as gifts from other players.

Further game play is being designed. Statements regarding pet 'skills' represent the developer's intentions, but the final design is not guaranteed to be as stated.

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You can adopt this FREE starter pet today!

Once you have adopted, you can change your mind and replace your pet with another starter pet free of charge, by hibernating the first one; or you can adopt more pets by buying "gourd houses" for each of them to live in. Once you have adopted your first pet, you can also adopt "Premium" pets.

One size 10 copy of this pose is free when you adopt this as your FIRST pet. After adopting your first pet, other pets require you to own three poses in size 10 or larger before you can adopt them. You can buy more in the Mall, or receive this pose through gifts or trades.

You have -38 size 10 poses.

You have -38 FULL SIZE poses.

One pose could be locked on adoption.

You have -38 size 10 poses.

You have -38 FULL SIZE poses.

One pose could be locked on adoption.

Red Dragon

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What do you mean you can’t fly? Why that’s a tragedy! Everypet should have wings. Ok, so some do. But not you. Huh. Well, just grab onto my scales, climb aboard and hold on tight! I can glide you through the forest on silent wings or maybe you’d rather sail over the sea? No matter where we go, I’m sure you’re going to love the view from up here.

I’m not going to do anything at all today. Nope, not one thing. I’m going to settle in with my colored pencils and coloring book and de-stress. Or maybe just read a book, or watch a good movie. Come join my on the sofa, there’s plenty of room.

Oh, what’s a dragon to do? Napping is such a chore. But it’s gotta happen, or mom says so. Honestly, I think it’s for her sanity, and not because I’m tired. Really (yawn), I’m not that tired. Ok, maybe just a little bit (yawn). Lie down beside me and catch some zzzz’s with me.

Find Food

Your pet becomes an expert at finding its own food!

Fire breathing

Born in the days of ancient runes, at the dark dawn of time, Fire Ball Frenzy started as a quick way for dragons to hone their skill. Later through the centuries, it eventually evolved into a highly competitive sport, and still is watched by the pets with great anticipation of who’s still top flame thrower!

Favorite food:

Red Pepper

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Free gifts

Scary Sky full size

Wavelot the Named Sun Shield full size

Dintalot the Named Sword (Raised) full size

Fancy Frame (Silver) full size

Midnight Mauve Unicorn (Standing) size 7

Red Dragon (Sitting) size 10

Gourd House full size

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