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Oct 8th 2019
13 slides

Oct 9th 2019

Day over

Oct 10th 2019
16 slides

Today I....

Scaredy Cat is listening to Mrs. Owl talk about a new assignment she wants the class to work on this week. Bob comes in late and interrupts the lesson as he loudly scrapes his desk chair back enough to sit in. After the room goes silent, Mrs. Owl goes on. She wants the pets to write a paper entitled, "Today I ____". They are to talk about something that they did today (or did recently) that the student feels others would want to hear about. Along with the writing assignment, she would like each student to include a drawing of what they wrote about. Oh dear.....Scaredy Cat doesn't know what he should talk about. Does he write about how, for the first time, he rode the bus to school and didn't get scared? Does he share with his classmates the amazing dinner his mom made last night, once again proving her skill with new ingredients? Just in the last few days, he has done and experienced so many things that he could write about. He wonders if he can include more than one thing in his paper. What will he do?

This week, we want you to fill in the blank with the statement that Mrs. Owl has given her class, "Today I ____". What did you do today? Did you take a class to learn how to decorate a cake (Bob would love that)? Did you run a half marathon and placed in the top 10 runners? Maybe you are on a weight loss journey and you finally reached one of your weight loss goals! Is it possible that you just took the day to put your feet up and read that book that's been sitting next to you for weeks? Maybe, just maybe, you did absolutely nothing and loved every moment of that nothingness. Whatever it is you've done, we can't wait to hear what you did!!

Here's the basics:

*Your submission MUST be related to the theme.
*You must submit your art to the PnF art gallery - only entries there will be counted.
* Put "Today I ____" in the title or description.
* The entry with the most votes will be declared the winner.
* To vote, click the "vote" button - you may vote for as many entries as you want.
* Voting will be open immediately.
* This challenge will be open from now until around 12:00am GMT October 15th (around 8:00pm Tuesday night in the USA).

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