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Scaredy Cat
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Wonderful prizes! Rules in caption, everyone wins!
Bunny Rabbit Day
A day out in the park is just what Scaredy Cat needed. Beautiful scenery and relaxing atmosphere. "I'm dreading the month of October" he thought to himself..."all the ghouls, goblins and creepy ghosts. I'm totally not looking forward to it". Just as he finished his thought, out hops Bob with springs on his feet. "What's going on?". Scaredy Cat looked more scared and confused. "I know what you're thinking,” said Bob. "You must be dreading the upcoming month, right?". "He knows me so well", thought Scaredy Cat. "Don't fret my friend. I have a surprise for you" he said while still hopping on the spring. Suddenly from all sides of the park, groups of cute cuddly bunny rabbits started to hop around and surrounded them. One even hops on Scaredy Cat's head for good measure. "Well, if you must know the 24th of September is International Rabbit Day and what can be more joyful than having all these cute and fluffy rabbits join us at the park?" Bob said. International Rabbit Day is celebrated on the fourth Saturday of September every year, falling on September 24th this year. Although we would love to celebrate bunnies every day, it also centers on the welfare of rabbits — while promoting a healthy environment for those raised as pets. On International Rabbit Day we are encouraged to consider, not only the companionship offered by our favorite hutch-dwellers, but the various ways in which rabbits are harmed by medical and cosmetic testing, hunting and fur farming. Yes, there is a serious side to International Rabbit Day, but you may not be surprised to learn that events are somewhat sporadic – so let your bunny out of its hutch and give it an extra carrot or two (and be sure to plan on having chicken for the family roast).

Seeing the cute bunnies hopping around them sure made Scaredy Cat happy. He's glad that Bob brought them to the park. Even JJ seems to enjoy watching their antics. Bob being Bob, he is definitely in his element getting to hop around on his springs.

To celebrate International Rabbit Day, this week we want to see artwork featuring rabbits/bunnies (even the adorable dust bunny). It can be how you spend your time with your pet bunny. One fun way to celebrate is plan a party with bunny-themed games and activities like dancing the Bunny Hop. Instead of playing “Pin the Tail on the Donkey”, you could play “Pin the Tail on the Bunny”. You can join a group that centers around the welfare of the bunnies conservation. Put on a pair of bunny ears and volunteer at the local bunny rescue. How about adopting one yourself! That would be awesome indeed, but make sure you do your research and make sure you’re up to the commitment. Your art can also show the rabbit in the wild. There are so many things that can be depicted in your art using bunny rabbits. So, what are you waiting for? Hop to it!! 

Here are a few interesting facts about these hutch-dwellers:
* A female rabbit is called a doe, while their male counterparts are called bucks. The female rabbit giving birth is called kindling and baby rabbits are called kittens. Rabbit kittens are born with their eyes and ears sealed shut, and completely furless.
* Did you know that a group of bunnies is called a fluffle? Wait, what??? A “fluffle”? What on earth is a “fluffle”?  A fluffle is what our neighbors to the north, in Canada, call a group or herd of rabbits.
* Here’s a fun fact: Rabbits express happiness through acrobatics. Known as the “Binky” moment, happy rabbits tend to jump up high and twist their bodies to perform cute acrobatic performances.
*For more fun and interesting facts, check this out:

Here's the basics:
* Your submission MUST be related to the theme.
* You must submit your art to the PnF art gallery - only entries there will be counted.
* Put “Bunny Rabbit Day” in the title or description
* The entry with the most votes will be declared the winner.
* To vote, click the "vote" button - you may vote for as many entries as you want
* Voting will be open immediately
* This challenge will be open from now until September 27, 2022 (around 8:00pm Tuesday night in the USA)