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A personal quest, or a trading opportunity!
(Note: food and drink IMAGES are for use in the editor only.
Edible foods and drinks can be bought from the Food shop).

Sizing up
Sizing up images can be a way to get Golden Moles without having to buy them! Sizing up takes a lot of work, but if you are prepared to do it, someone with more money and less time may buy large images from you, either in the Antique or Seasonal sections of the Mall, or by personal trading. So the Swap Shop is the route to becoming PnF rich! We have many users who cannot pay or do not want to pay who develop vast image collections by shrewd trading of Swap Shop items! We have provided you with many ways to earn premium currency through skilled play. Here they are!

Department Store
Some food, drink and gem images are always on sale in size 4, bought in Silver Moles from the Mall. Silver Moles can be won by shaking paws (or bought for Golden Moles). So by shaking paws, you can buy more and more images, then size them up in the Swap Shop until they are HUGE! If you want, you can then sell them in the Seasonal section of the Mall for Golden Moles!

Fruit machine cocktails
Every month, several cocktail images are available to win in the fruit machine. (They can also be bought in size 4 in the Mall). Some of these become very valuable. Winning or buying them and then selling them in the Antiques section of the Mall is a great way to gain premium currency!

Fruit machine decorations
Each month there is a new selection of about 12 different decorations from the fruit machine in size 4. These cannot be bought by any means. Sizing up the one you want is one of the great challenges of PnF; playing the fruit machine, swapping, selling, trading, whatever it takes to get that giant image you long for! These can also be bought and sold in the Antiques section of the Mall.

Skill Foods
Each of your pets is skilled at finding the foods it loves. Some are more skilled than others! Your pet can increase its skills by using the Food Skill every day. You get ten free goes per pet per day and can choose to hunt for edible food or food IMAGES. If you win images, you can size them up and sell them in the Seasonal section of the Mall. There are 80 different foods to size up using the Food Skill! So we advise you to adopt each of the "Starter" pets, use them to win images, then sell the massive images you create!

When there is a hunt, there are often special prizes of gems, food or drinks. These can all be sized up in the Swap Shop. Whoever gets a big one first may be able to sell it for a lot of Golden Moles!

Mystery Boxes
Food and drink images can sometimes be found in the Mystery Boxes (part of the Jigsaw game); these can be bought and sold in the Seasonal section of the Mall. The time between their appearances in the Mystery Box is guesswork for the users, and it can take a long time just to get a chance to size these up. So when you see them, use jigsaw pieces given you by the NPCs, or win some from the fruit machine, then win seasonal foods or drinks in the Mystery Boxes to gain rare images which are a great investment!

Symone bargains with Mr Mole

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