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Platinum Paws and Donor Rewards back to February prices.

We do not know whether we can continue the offer on GM and FnC beyond July. Like most small businesses at the moment, we do not know how things will work out for you, or for us. We will keep on entertaining you the very best we can and for as long as possible, keep prices low. What matters when this is all over is that you are still here and so are we. All our decisions are based on the future of the game, which as always, relies on us supporting you, and you supporting us. Thank you for keeping the game alive!

In July 2020, a payment of $30.02 will receive:
- 400 GM, 200k FnC, 6 PP, 1 size 10 and 1 size 7 donor reward
Normal prices would give you:
- 200 GM, 100k FnC, 6 PP, one size 10 and one size 7 donor reward.
Again, this lasts the whole month!

Golden Moles, Frank 'n' Cents and Platinum Paws!

Golden Moles (GMs) are the premium currency of "Pets 'n' Friends". Frank 'n' Cents are a special currency with which to play our fruit machine. Buy them using PayPal! Just click the "Buy Now" button, below. If you are not used to Paypal, "How to get Golden Moles", a document in our Facebook group, may help you. If you want to set up a monthly payment to us, this is how!

OFFER EXTENDED! Our response to your days indoors - more fun for your money!
You can buy 400 Golden Moles for $10
100,000 Frank 'n' Cents for $10.01!

In either case we will send TWO FREE 'Platinum Paws' for every $10 spent!

Platinum Paws are required to buy our 'bonus' pets.

Acceptance Mark



Donor Rewards!

With your July payment you will get an additional bonus - Crystal Shimmer Sea Dragon!
In July 2020 if you pay $50 you will get one FULL SIZE and one size 7!

Size: Full
Free with: $40

Size: 10
Free with: $20

Size: 7
Free with: $10

Size: 4
Free with: $5

Crystal Shimmer Sea Dragon

Deep in arctic waters lurks many unusual pets who rarely see the light of day. Among these pets is the Crystal Shimmer Sea Dragon, a stark vibrant blue with violet lobes. Coated in a mysterious shimmering layer of a sparkle-like substance, the Sea Dragon shines bright even at the lowest ocean depths. Aloof yet inquisitive, the Crystal Shimmer Sea Dragon will follow at a distance pets it finds intriguing until gaining the courage to attempt to make a friend.

You can also ask for golden moles and platinum paws
using your wish list! Just click the icon:

Scaredy Cat meets new pets!

Sea Swallow (Blue Sea Slug) Diving
What wonders does the ocean hold? Silently swirling on the ocean tides, dipping and whirling, a dance among the sea ferns and coral reefs. Gently floating to the surface, blending in with the waves curling around, carrying adventure in every roll. Watch carefully for me, but never try to pet me, I bite!

Pink Fish (Ascending)
They seek me here, they seek me there
My colour’s loud but never square
It will make or break me so I’ve got to look my best
I’m ichthyology’s best follower of fashion.

They seek me here, they seek me there
Across the ocean everywhere!
Purple or magenta? I myself would call it pink;
I’m ichthyology’s best follower of fashion.

We currently handle payments manually. When we receive a payment, we update your account as soon as we can, subject to staff availability. A tiny golden coin appears in the user's toolbar. Hover this to see your currency balances (Golden Moles, Silver Moles, Frank 'n' Cents and Platinum Paws), or click the coin to see your payment history.

We will move to an integrated payment system as soon as possible. In the meanwhile, if your balance has not been updated after 24 hours, please inquire about the delay in the Pets 'n' Friends Facebook group.
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