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Golden Moles, Frank 'n' Cents and Platinum Paws!

Golden Moles (GMs) are the premium currency of "Pets 'n' Friends". Frank 'n' Cents are a special currency with which to play our fruit machine. Buy them using PayPal! Just click the "Buy Now" button, below. If you are not used to Paypal, "How to get Golden Moles", a document in our Facebook group, may help you. If you want to set up a monthly payment to us, this is how!

You can buy 200 Golden Moles for $10
50000 Frank 'n' Cents for $10.01!

In either case we will send 2 FREE 'Platinum Paws' for every $10 spent!

Platinum Paws are required to buy our 'bonus' pets.

Acceptance Mark



Donor Rewards!

With your September payment you will get an additional bonus - Lilac-Breasted Roller (Sitting)!
If you pay $25 you will get one size 10 and one size 4).

Size: Full
Free with: $40

Size: 10
Free with: $20

Size: 7
Free with: $10

Size: 4
Free with: $5

Lilac-Breasted Roller (Sitting)

3rd of 3 donor rewards; becomes adoptable!
Ah, the day is at an end, and I can finally settle in, stretch out my wings and relax. Hm, is the nature channel showing Feinstein the talking parrot, again? Lucky me. It won’t be long before all my hard work pays off. And, then, it will be my feathers shining in the lights of a dozen reality show t.v. cameras. “Take that, Feinstein.” I’m coming for you world.

You can also ask for golden moles and platinum paws
using your wish list! Just click the icon:

You can now buy either 200 Golden Moles (GM) for $10.00 or 50000 Frank 'n' Cents (FnC) for $10.01. Example of a mixed order: if you want to buy 200 GMs and 100000 FnC, send us $30.02.

We request a minimum payment of $10, as below that, payment processing fees will eat most of what you give us.

You will receive 1 FREE 'Platinum Paw' (PP) for every $5 spent, whether on GMs or on FnC. 2 PPs will buy any bonus pose Full Size. 1 PP will buy any bonus pose in size 10.

Scaredy Cat meets calves, llamas and lilac breasted rollers!

White Llama (Sleeping)
Naptime for me! Don’t even think of waking me either! I need my 8 hours of beauty sleep, you know. It takes quite a bit to keep this wool spiraling and curling! I need to get a trim soon though. My wool is coveted by many, so soft and warm, once you spin it off to make yarn and clack your knitting needles into making mittens and hats. So shoo along now and let me sleep!

Jersey Calf (Jumping)
I’m a little Jersey calf, excited for a sunny day! Jumping and cavorting on my little island in the channel is a great day for me. I’m not a New Jersey calf, mind you. I won’t be saying “Fuhget About it” any time soon. I am excited to talk to you in Jerriais, the language of Jersey though! Wanna hear it? “Moo! Moo!” Try it too!

We currently handle payments manually. When we receive a payment, we update your account as soon as we can, subject to staff availability. A tiny golden coin appears in the user's toolbar. Hover this to see your currency balances (Golden Moles, Silver Moles, Frank 'n' Cents and Platinum Paws), or click the coin to see your payment history.

We will move to an integrated payment system as soon as possible. In the meanwhile, if your balance has not been updated after 24 hours, please inquire about the delay in the Pets 'n' Friends Facebook group.
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