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Golden Moles, Frank 'n' Cents and Platinum Paws!

Golden Moles (GMs) are the premium currency of "Pets 'n' Friends". Frank 'n' Cents are a special currency with which to play our fruit machine. Buy them using PayPal! Just click the "Buy Now" button, below. If you are not used to Paypal, "How to get Golden Moles", a document in our Facebook group, may help you. If you want to set up a monthly payment to us, this is how!

You can buy 200 Golden Moles for $10
50000 Frank 'n' Cents for $10.01!

In either case we will send 2 FREE 'Platinum Paws' for every $10 spent!

Platinum Paws are required to buy our 'bonus' pets.

Acceptance Mark



Donor Rewards!

With your November payment you will get an additional bonus - Blue Whale (Diving)!
If you pay $25 you will get one size 10 and one size 4).

Size: Full
Free with: $40

Size: 10
Free with: $20

Size: 7
Free with: $10

Size: 4
Free with: $5

Blue Whale (Diving)

Mmmm, good morning! (yawns) So nice to see you here in my big blue ocean! Please, enjoy the vast waters I call home. Someone of my size needs quite a bit of room to travel in, I’m the largest animal living on this big blue orb! I love to sing and play, my splashes can be seen for miles around in the ocean. People see me and sometimes think I must eat big things, but the truth is I love to spend my days swimming and sucking up the tiny plankton floating on the ocean waves. One of my favorite pastimes is to swim down deep in the ocean, holding my breath and visiting other deep ocean dwellers. It’s going to be a great day, so come splash along with me!

You can also ask for golden moles and platinum paws
using your wish list! Just click the icon:

You can now buy either 200 Golden Moles (GM) for $10.00 or 50000 Frank 'n' Cents (FnC) for $10.01. Example of a mixed order: if you want to buy 200 GMs and 100000 FnC, send us $30.02.

We request a minimum payment of $10, as below that, payment processing fees will eat most of what you give us.

You will receive 1 FREE 'Platinum Paw' (PP) for every $5 spent, whether on GMs or on FnC. 2 PPs will buy any bonus pose Full Size. 1 PP will buy any bonus pose in size 10.

Scaredy Cat meets whales, dolphins and fish!

Precious Pink Dolphin (Leaping)
Victory! Once again I have won the race. It’s time to celebrate with graceful leaps and bounds from the water. The sun glints from my skin blinding future competitors. Did they really see a pink dolphin? Can it be true? You betcha!

Purple Fish Talking
You’d think someone exploring the wide, deep oceans could have looked at me and said, WOW! Look at that beauty, let’s name it “Aubergine Aquatic Animal’ or maybe “Great Grape Grouper”, or “Passionate Purple Fish”. But oh no. It’s just Purple Fish. Just plain old me. But grooming myself in the mirror, I know there’s nothing plain about me, other than my name. Why look at my fabulous frond like hair, that flows as I swim lazy circles around the coral reef, and adore these big bright eyes. So, I’ll take the plain name, but it doesn’t define me. I know I’m extravagant!

We currently handle payments manually. When we receive a payment, we update your account as soon as we can, subject to staff availability. A tiny golden coin appears in the user's toolbar. Hover this to see your currency balances (Golden Moles, Silver Moles, Frank 'n' Cents and Platinum Paws), or click the coin to see your payment history.

We will move to an integrated payment system as soon as possible. In the meanwhile, if your balance has not been updated after 24 hours, please inquire about the delay in the Pets 'n' Friends Facebook group.
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