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006 Pond

2018 Ball Drop Drink

2 Bears Lemon Seltzer

Acorn Accelerator

A’Cuppa Black Coffee (Snowflake Tea Set)

Adoration Potion

Alien Invasion Cocktail

Aloe Cucumber Smoothie

Amethyst Elixir

Amethyst Fizz

A’Mugga Hot Chocolatta (Snowflake Tea Set)

Antarctic Sea Cocktail

Antique Coffee

April Showers

Arctic Daiquiri

Arctic Iceberg

A Slug's Pink Drink

A’Spotta Tea for Me (Snowflake Tea Set)

Autumn Daybreak Daiquiri

Baby Bottle

Baby Pet Bottle 2022

Bakeapple Delight

Banana Booster

Banana Egg Nog

Barrel 'O Water

Basic Witch Pumpkin Spice

Beary Berry Bubbly

Beaver Brothers Bourbon Maple Cider

Bedazzled Berry Bliss

Beetroot Juice

Bergy Bits H20

Berry Almond Milk

Berry Birds Nest Nectar

Berry Bottled Water

Berrylicious: Summer Berry Drink

Berry Swirly

Bird Bath Ambrosia

Bird Bath Delight

Bird Bath Sparkling Water

Blackberry Burst

Blackberry Cider

Black Betty

Blackbird Cordial

Blueberry Cheer

Blueberry Dreams Swirl

Blueberry Milkshake

Blue Bowl Of Milk

Blue Coral Sipper

Blue Cosmo

Blue Lagoon

Blue Slurpy

Blue Soda

Blue Surf

Bone Apple Tea

Bottled Water

Bottle of Berry Medley Muse

Bronze Boost

Bronze Goblet Champagne

Bubbling Blackberry Blast

Bug Boost

Cactus Cocktail

Candycane Creme Soda

Canine Cooler

Caramel Apple Creme

"Care"ot Juice

Carrot Cake Smoothie

Cerise Cordial

Cheery Cherry Berry Blast

Cheery Santa Mug

Cherry Berry Lover’s Lane


Chilly Penguin Mug

Choco-Bunny Dream Nog

Chocolate Malt Float

Chocolate Milkshake

Chocolate Tsunami

Choco Soy Milk

Cinnamon Hot Chocolate Dreamuccino

Cinnamon Latte

Citrus Bottled Water


Coffee Pot with Apple Theme

Coffee to Go

Corpse Goblet

Cosmic Cosmo Cocktail

Cranberry Cheer

Cranberry Cordial

Cranberry Spritzer

Crazy Carrot Concoction

Creamer with Apples

Creamy Hazelnut & Coffee Drink

Crocodile Sippy Cup

Crystal Goblet Champagne

Cucumber Bottled Water

Cucumber Cleanse Water

C'Up A Tree Glass

Daisy Honey Nectar

Dandelion Tea

Danger Zone (Caution!)

Dark Side Of The Moon Cocktail

Darkwoods Purple Moonshine

Davy Jones Draught

Diamond Dew Elixir

Dill Pickle Brine in a Mason Jar

Dragonfruit Bottled Water

Dragon's Breath

Dramatic Dreams

Easter Bunny Booster

Eerie Eyes Elixir

Electric Shock Cocktail

Elegant Ectoplasm Chardonnay

Elf Travel Mug

Enchanted Eve

Essense Of Spring Cocktail

Exotic Five Fruits Refresher

Exotic Five Vegetable Refresher

Experiment 4738

Eye Of the Storm

Fairy Magic Potion

Fairy Strawberry Love Wine

Fancy Glass, Cool Clear Drink

Fancy Ruby Pomegranate Cocktail

Fish Freezie


Fizzy Fox Fix

Fleur-Rose Martini

Flutterbye Chardonnay

Flutterbye Malbec

Flutterbye Pink Zinfandel

Foggy Morning


French Press Coffee

Frosted Sienna Cocktail

Galactic Grape Vortice

Garden Margarita

Gentle Breeze Sipper

Get The Party Started Sangria

Gift Cocktail

Gingerbread Swirl Smoothie


Glam Granny Gibson

Glass Teapot of Spiced Apple Cider

Goblet of Fire

Golden Eggnog

Golden Goblet Champagne

Gold Glory

Grandma’s From The Heart Cocktail

Granny's Chicken Broth

Granny’s Lavender Libation

Granny Smith Goblet

Granny's Sun Tea

Grape Bottled Water

Grape Swirly

Greene Goblynne

Green Goblin Goo Cauldron

Green Slurpy

Green Soda

Happily Ever After

Happy Cup (Empty)

Heart Of Spring Bubbly

Hearts Afloat Punch

High Seas

Ho Ho Ho

Honey Bee Mug O’ Tea

Hot Apple Cider

Hot Chocolate Happiness

Hot Java

Iced Heart’s Divine

Icy-Hot (Mint Martini)

Imma’Little Tea Pot (Snowflake Tea Set)

Infinite Inferno

Italian Blue Raspberry Cream Soda

Italian Cherry Cream Soda

Italian Lemon Lime Cream Soda

Ivory Infinity Rose Chalice

Jack And Jill Beach Day Bucket Sundae

Jalapeño Juice

Jester Cocktail

Jester’s Punch

Kiss Of The Seahorse

Kitty Colada

Kiwi Lime Bottled Water

Kulau Coconut Milk

La Fantasia Moonglow (Sparkling Wine)

Latte Slurpy

Lavender Bottled Water

Lazy Santa Nipper

Lemonie Sippit Lemonade

Lemon Julep

Lilac Libations

Limeade Cocktail

Lime Croc-Ade

Lingonberry Liqueur

Liquid Paradise

Lost Souls Cocktail

Lotus Garden Retreat Cocktail

Lovely Lavender Libation

Lover’s Nip

Magical Moments 2017

Maple Leaf Mimosa

Martini With Lemon

Martini With Lime

Martini With Olive

Martini With Onion

Marvelous Mudslide


Melted Snowman Spritzer

Mermaid Special Cocktail

Milko’s Crate

Mind Whirl Juice

Mini Rainbow Egg Shake

Mint Green Cup o’ Tea

Mint Green Teapot

Mint Green Teaset

Mint Saskatoon Berry Tea

Misty Marsh Mystery

Mixed Fruit Cooler

Mocha Medley

Mocha Slurpy

Monster Mocha

Monster Tooth Mug

Moonlit Moonshine

Moon Mansion Madness

Moose Mousse

Mother’s Milk

Mountain Juniper Berry Tea

Mountain Mist

Mudslide 2.0 Mixed Drink

Mug of Green Ale

Mug o’ Mouse

Mulled Wine

Mushroom Dew Brew

Musical Elixir

Mystery Brew

‘Nanner Split Sipper

Nectar Of the Faeries Cocktail

Neon Pucker Martini

New Beginnings

Newfoundland Iceberg

Nifty Ninja

Nimble And Quick Cocktail

No Bones About It Elixir

Not Poison, Fruity, Bubbly Concoction

Nurse's Nightcap

Octopus Slammer

Old-Fashioned Egg Cream Soda

Orange Juice Pitcher

Orange Slurpy

Orange Soda

Orange Swirly

Ornamental Vintage Goblet

Paint Can Cooler

Painter’s Punch

Parisian Oh La La

Party Pink Cocktail

Peacock Pucker

Pear and Quince Quencher

Peep Nog

Peepster Bunny Surprise- Sweet or sour?

Penguin Sippy Cup

Pensive Waterfall Potion

Peppermint Twist

Perfectly Poisonous Potion

Petal Berry Wine

Petmune Peach Soda

Pets On the Beach

Phoenix Dawn Pucker

Phoenix Phenomenon

Piña Colada

Piggy Cocktail

Pineapple Cheer

Pink Bowl Of Milk

Pink Diamond Elixir

Pink Fruity Fizz

Pink Prosecco Bottle

Pint Glass of Amber Fluid

Pint Glass of Cola

Pint Glass of Root Beer

Pint Glass of Root Beer Ice Cream Float

Piper's Melody Cocktail

Pirate’s Grogg

Plum Petals Spritzer

Plum Renda

PnF Cuvee Brut PetPagne

PnF’s Finest 25yr Scotch

PnF’s Lucky Stout

PnF’s Pale Ale

PnF Spumante Bottle

Podium Potion

Popping Corn Juice

Pretty Proper Teacup

Pretty Proper Teapot

Promenade Punch

Puddle's Love Potion

Pumped Up Punch

Pumpkin Spice

Pumpkin Spice Latte

Punch Glass

Purist Vanilla Milk

Purple Passion Drops

Purple Penguin Power

Purple Slurpy

Purple Soda

Purple Wisp Halloween Goblet

Quokkaberg Rum

Rabbit Recharge

Rainberry Wine

Rainbow Ice Cream Float

Rainbow Milkshake

Rainbow Petmopolitan

Rainbow Shake

Rainy Day

Ram’s Horn Shell Drink

Raspberry Bottled Water

Ready? Set. Go, Espresso!

Red Slurpy

Red Soda

Reflections of Autumn Tumbler

Refreshing Calpis With Mint

Refreshing Cocktail

Reindeer Double Chocolate Rumchata

Reindeer Nog

Rich Acorn Beverage

Rio Carnival

Rising Sun Greets Your Glass

Rock Candy Cocktail

Rose Petal Tea

Rotten Swamp Cider

Royal Infinity Rose Chalice

Sake Set (Ochoko 1)

Sake Set (Ochoko 2)

Sake Set (Tokkuri)

Sakura Elixir

Santa’s Favorite Mocktail

Santa’s Naughty List Cocktail

Savannah Sunset

Scenic Stroll Spirit

Scrub’a Dub Dub

Seafood Surge

Search & Rescue

Seashell Sensation

Shark Punch

Shimmering Supernatural Solution

Silver Bullet

Silver Goblet Champagne

Silver Spritz

Singapore Sling

Skeezle Surprise


Slug Slurpee

Snake Oil Charming Cocktail



Solar Flare

Sour Apple Cocktail

Sour ‘Beary’ Brew

Sour Lemon Juice in a Mason Jar

Sparkling Cranberry Juice

Sparkling Juice with Blue Ice Hearts

Sparkling Juice with Pink Ice Hearts

Sparkling Pear, Cheers

Sparkling Pomegranate, Cheers

Sparklin' Springs Sensation

Spiced Cranberry Apple Cider

Spiced Spritzer

Spider Bite Delight

Spilt Milk

Spring Fling

Sssweet and Sssour Poison Pucker

Stardust Cocktail

Starfish Chalice

Stoneware Mug with Apple Theme

Stories Untold

Strawberry Cheesecake Delight

Strawberry Kiwi Bubble Tea

Strawberry Limonata

Strawberry Milkshake

Strawberry Watermelon Bottled Water

Summer Cool-Off Cooler

Summer Punch

Sunrise Sipper

Sunshine Sparkler

Suspicion Potion

Swamp’s Breath

Sweet Cheat Cherry Cordial

Sweet Daisy Sipper

The Abyss

The Aviary Cocktail

The Big Bang

The Boardshort Boogie

The Cheshire Cat

The Colloid

The Harvey Wallbanger

The Hippity Hopper

The Nightcap

The Scotsman Cocktail

The Screwdriver

The Siren's Call

The Spiced Gordie

The Wormery

The Zombie Butler

Thistle Elixir

Thistle Nectar

Three Apple Cider


Tilted Celebration Glass

Toast In Bubbly Cranberry

Toast In Bubbly Lemon

Tom Collins Mixed Drink

Toxic Tonic Mixed Drink

Triple Berry Liqueur

Triple Fruit Slushie

Tropical Sunset Cocktail

True Blue

True Blue Tea Bag

True Love's Kiss

Tub of Wonders

Turbo Power

Vanilla Milk

Vanilla Milk With Cookies

Vanilla Moose Mousse

Very Berry Smoothie

Viking Bronze Goblet

Viking Horn Cup

Viking Oak Tankard

Warm Pumpkin Soup

Watermelon Wine

Water On The Rocks

Whale Tail Fizz

Whale Tail Martini

Wheatgrass Juice

Wheatgrass Whizz

Where's Mah Teeth?

Wings Of Lightness Spritzer

Winter Storm

Yellow Slurpy

Yolka-Dot and Lime Xtreme

Yuzu Mint Mai Tai

Zipping Zinger

Copyright conditions for game users

Version 1.03: 10th June 2015

  • "Image" shall refer to art provided by "Pets 'n' Friends". "Picture" shall refer to art created by the use of the "Pets 'n' Friends" image editor. "Signature" shall refer to art used in the MSP forum. "Video" refers to any form of video which includes "pictures".
  • 1. Users may create signatures for use on the MSP forum and in the 'My Pets' page 'Welcome' section by hand, or using any software they own or have legitimate access to. To fit the overlay version of the 'Welcome' section they should be 630 pixels wide by 300 high, or smaller. Pictures reproduced anywhere else must be created using the PnF image editor, and the game should be acknowledged.
  • 2. Pictures created using the PnF image editor may be reproduced by users, whether they created the picture or they are posting pictures created by others, on any platform where the game can be played, and on the MSP forum. This specifically includes using the Facebook share, like and comment buttons. Pictures may be reproduced on other social sites for the purpose of sharing your enjoyment of the game. This may not under any circumstances include commercial use of any kind. If the user is unclear, they should seek advice on the MSP forum from the PnF game administrator, "lisa".
  • 3. MSP shall consider selling PnF image-bearing goods as and when PnF app membership makes this viable; users must not seek to create their own products using game images, pictures or signatures.
  • 4. Users who create and sell signatures in the forum should not seek or accept reward in other forms than game items (golden moles, silver moles, images, etc. are allowed) and are specifically required not to sell signatures for money.
  • 5. Users must not trade in-game ownership of images for money or for any form of payment external to the game.
  • 6. We do not permit our images to be altered for any purpose except creating forum signatures.
  • 7. Users agree that MSP may use any picture created using the PnF image editor for promotional purposes.
  • 8. Users take sole responsibility for the legality of any picture they create using the PnF image editor in all jurisdictions.

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