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53rv3r (Server Robot - Yellow)

Achiever Beaver (Oops)

Achiever Beaver (Resting)

Achiever Beaver (Surveying)

Advancing Yeti

Aghast Slug

Alarmed April Teal Bug

Alias Alligator

Almost All Aardvark

Amiable Anteater

An Droid (Little Miss Lightning)

Angel Wing Butterfly (Drifting)

Angel Wing Butterfly (Hugging)

Angel Wing Butterfly (Open Wings)

Angora Bunny

Apple Blossom Lamb

Arctic Feisty Fox Leaping

Arctic Feisty Fox Sitting

Arctic Feisty Fox Sleeping

Arctic Feisty Fox Standing

Arctic Hare (Listening)

Arctic Hare (Pouting)

Arctic Hare (Sniffing)

Armoured Armadillo

Arnold the Arctic Wolf

Autumn Butterfly

Autumn Gust

Awkward Cygnet

Baby Blue Ox

Baby Brontosaurus

Baby Chameleon (Green)

Baby Chameleon (Rainbow)

Baby Chameleon (Red and Teal)

Baby Chick

Baby Christmas Seal

Baby Chupahuahua

Baby Duck

Baby Fox

Baby Ghost

Baby Goat

Baby Gorilla (Chillin’)

Baby Gorilla (Sitting)

Baby Gorilla (Sleeping)

Baby Gourdee

Baby Gourdee Reaching

Baby Gourdee Sleeping

Baby Hedgehog

Baby Hippo

Baby Mouse

Baby Otter (Curious)

Baby Otter (Floating)

Baby Otter (Swimming)

Baby Owl

Baby Panda Playing

Baby Panda Sitting

Baby Reindeer

Baby Seal (Front)

Baby Seal (Lying)

Baby Seal (Tail Up)

Baby Skunk (Bashful)

Baby Skunk (Playful)

Baby Skunk (Sleepy)

Baby Stegosaurus

Bactrian Camel

Bad-Tempered Bunny Bear

Balancing Mammoth

Bald Eagle

Balding Eagle

Bashful Badger Rolling

Bashful Badger Sitting

Bashful Badger Standing

Bashful Badger Walking

Bat Kitty

Bee Hind Bee

Bee in Charge

Bee in Flight

Beloved Elephant

Benna Lime ROLF

Bertrand A Bookworm

Billabong Dwelling Bunyip

Billy Blizzard Bear

Black and White Panda Sleeping

Black Bat

Black Feisty Fox Leaping

Black Feisty Fox Sitting

Black Feisty Fox Sleeping

Black Feisty Fox Standing

Black Funny Elephant

Black Happy Penguin Sitting

Black Happy Penguin Standing

Black Happy Penguin Waving

Black Lovable Labrador Playing

Black Lovable Labrador Resting

Black Lovable Labrador Rolling

Black Lovable Labrador Running

Black Lovable Labrador Sitting

Black Lovable Labrador Standing

Black Panther (Hugging)

Black Panther (Playing)

Black Panther (Sleeping)

Black Panther (Stalking)

Black Panther (Walking)

Blue Baby Bunny

Blue Bayou Bear

Blue Beautiful Unicorn Lying

Blue Beautiful Unicorn Prancing

Blue Beautiful Unicorn Rearing

Blueberry Mochi

Blueberry Violet Moth

Blue Bird

Blue Caterpillar Walking

Blue Cave Guardian

Blue Footed Booby Gliding

Blue Footed Booby Sitting

Blue Footed Booby Twirling

Blue Friendly Elephant Standing

Blue Germ

Blue-Green Sea Turtle (On Shell)

Blue-Green Sea Turtle (Sitting)

Blue-Green Sea Turtle (Swimming)

Blue Horned Stomper

Blue Ice Troll

Blue Jay Perching

Blue Jay Preening

Blue Jay Standing

Blue Kissing Fish

Blue Moon Fish

Blue Polar Bear Lying

Blue Polar Bear Singing

Blue Polar Bear Standing

Blue Quadropus Swimming

Blue Quint

Blue Sea Urchin

Blue Shelled Turtle (Long Legged) Walking

Blue Shelled Turtle Resting

Blue Slender Unicorn Sitting

Blue Snail

Blue Tang (Excited)

Blue Tang (Side View)

Blue Tang (Smiling)

Blue Vampire Bat

Bluey Blowfly

Blushing Koala (Climbing)

Blushing Koala (Sitting)

Blushing Koala (Sleeping)

Blushing Panda Sitting

Blushing Reindeer

Bob the Blue Scaly Monster

Boisterous Blue Jay

Boy Lovebird on Ground

Boy Lovebird Perching


Brown Bear (Lumbering)

Brown Bear (Sitting)

Brown Bear (Waving)

Brown Beaver Speaking

Brown Beaver Winking

Brown Fox (Alarmed)

Brown Funky Monkey Sitting

Brown Funky Monkey Swinging

Brown Funky Monkey Walking

Brown Giraffe Dancing

Brown Long-tailed Mouse Standing

Brown Lovable Labrador Playing

Brown Lovable Labrador Resting

Brown Lovable Labrador Rolling

Brown Lovable Labrador Running

Brown Lovable Labrador Sitting

Brown Lovable Labrador Standing

Brown Maned Lion Laughing

Brown Maned Lion Sitting

Brown Maned Lion Walking

Brown Owl Flying

Brown Owl Laughing

Brown Owl Perched

Brown Pony Rearing

Brown Pony Standing

Brown Pony Trotting

Brown Rustic Rabbit Lying

Brown Rustic Rabbit Resting

Brown Rustic Rabbit Running

Brown Rustic Rabbit Sitting

Brown Sea Turtle (On the Shell)

Brown Sea Turtle (Sitting)

Brown Sea Turtle (Swimming)

Bubble Head (Blue)

Bubble Head (Green)

Bubble Head (Pink)

Bubble Head (Purple)

Bubble Head (Yellow)

Burnt Orange Lobster

Calico Ball Python

Canada Goose

Canadian Lynx

Canadian Wolf Pup

Captain "Dawg"

Caramel Cream Lemur

Caramel Kangaroo

Carnivorous Cosmic Crocus (Blue)

Carnivorous Cosmic Crocus (Green)

Carnivorous Cosmic Crocus (Orange)

Carnivorous Cosmic Crocus (Purple)

Carnivorous Cosmic Crocus (Red)

Carry Home, Pigeon!

Cautious Spirit Bear

Celebration Kitty

Celestine Symphonia (Butterfly)


Chameleon Snail (Forest Friend)

Chameleon Snail (Garden Variety)

Chameleon Snail (Sea Searchin’)

Charcoal Hare (Listening)

Charcoal Hare (Pouting)

Charcoal Hare (Sniffing)

Charcoal Kitten

Cheeky Chihuahua (Shaking)

Cheeky Chihuahua (Sitting)

Cheeky Chihuahua (Standing)

Cherry Chocolate Turtle

Chestnut Galloping Horse

Chic Chick

Chimera Pterolupus

Chinese Dragon 2016

Chipmunk (Bashful)

Chipmunk (Running)

Chipmunk (Standing)

Chocolate Amstaff

Chocolate Brown Owl (In Flight)

Chocolate Brown Owl (Perching)

Chocolate Brown Owl (Side Stance)

Chocolate Cocker Spaniel

Chocolate Frog

Chocolate Milky Moo Cow Jumping

Chocolate Milky Moo Cow Lying

Chocolate Milky Moo Cow Sitting

Chocolate Milky Moo Cow Standing

Chocolate Puppy Playing

Chocolate Puppy Sitting

Chocolate Puppy Standing

Chow Chow Pup

Chubby Slug

Chuckling Chick

Cinnamon Queen Hen

City Rat (Dreaming)

City Rat (Plum Stuffed)

City Rat (With Heart)

Classic Rock

Clouded Rattlesnake

Cockatoo (Flying)

Cockatoo (Idle)

Cockatoo (Landing)

Cockatrice (Sleeping)

Cockatrice (Standing)

Cockatrice (Wild)

Cocoa Dust Moth

Colourful Butterfly Flying

Contemplative Spring Bunny

Corn Husk Plushie

Cotton Candy Lamb (Pink)

Crane Princess Ballerina

Crazy Bee Flying


Crow Crowing

Crow Posing

Crying Pumpkin


Cuddly Burgundy Kitten


Cupig (Aiming)

Cupig (Hugging)

Cupig (Reclining)

Cupig (Sitting)

Curious Black Kitten

Curious Blue Polkadot Kitten

Curious Cygnet

Curious Pink Polkadot Kitten

Curious Purple Polkadot Kitten

Curious Red Squirrel

Cybil the Siberian Tiger



Daft Green Spider

Dancing Atlantic Puffin

Dancing Green Cheerling

Dancing Purple Cheerling

Dancing Red Cheerling

Dark Pegasus

Dashing Fox

Dauntless Dolphin Relaxing

Dauntless Dolphin Rising

Dauntless Dolphin Swimming

Deer Looking Shy

Deer Lying Down

Deer Standing

Dolphin Facing Forward

Dolphin Jumping

Dolphin Jumping With Fish

Dolphin Leaping

Dramatic Dung Beetle

Dr. Rat Finkensen


Dust Bunny (Bouncing)

Dust Bunny (Running Away)

Dust Bunny (Sneaking)

Dusty Tornad’oh

Dutiful "Door-Mouse"

Dwarf Hamster (Excuse, me?)

Dwarf Hamster (Pretty Please)

Dwarf Hamster (Running)

Earthy Fleurpet

Easter Bunny

Eggstravagant Easter Bunny (Sitting)

Eggstravagant Easter Bunny (Sleeping)

Eggstravagant Easter Bunny (Standing)

Emperor Penguin

Emperor Penguin Chick

Emperor Penguin Chick (Dancing)

Emperor Penguin Chick (Sleeping)

Enchanted Snowbird


Escaped Aye-Aye (Frightened)

Escaped Aye-Aye (Giggling)

Escaped Aye-Aye (Peeking)

Exhausted Blue Shelled Turtle

Fennec Fox (Playing)

Fennec Fox (Sitting)

Finkensen's Monster - Green Frankenbear

Finkensen's Monster - Purple Frankenpup

Finkensen's Monster - White Frankenbear

Fire Rooster

Fire Toad (Red)


Flummoxed Dazzle

Flummoxed Frazzle

Flying Swan

Flying Toucan

Forest Salamander

Found a Flounder?

Foxfire the Red Panda (On Branch)

Foxfire the Red Panda (Sitting)

Fox-Maid (Infected)

Friendly Badger

Friendly Cuddlefish

Friendly Spider

Frilled Dragon

Frozen Mammoth

Fruity Candy-Pillar

Gentle Jellyfish (Diving)

Gentle Jellyfish (Floating)

Gentle Jellyfish (Migrating)

Gentle Quokka

Ghost (Hands Raised)

Giant Blob Monster

Giraffe Baby

Giraffe Drinking

Giraffe Eating

Giraffe Gangly Baby

Giraffe Looking Down

Giraffe Slurping

Giraffe Standing

Giraffe Trotting

Giraffe Winged

Girl Lovebird on Ground

Girl Lovebird Perching

Glam Rock

Gleeful Spirit of Giving

Glowing Firefly (Purple)

Glowy Little Firefly

Goggling Green Fish

Golden Cocker Spaniel

Golden Gryphon

Golden Mole (Peeking)

Golden Mole (Resting)

Golden Mole (Thinking)

Gold Fish (Astonished)

Gold Fish (Concerned)

Gold Fish (Happy)

Gold Fish (Searching the Bottom)

Good and Evil Toad (Purple & Blue)

Graceful Elephant

Graceful Elephant (Sleeping)

Graceful Elephant (Walking Away)

Grandmother Tree

Green Angel Fish (Front)

Green Angel Fish (Side)

Green Angel Fish (Swimming Up)

Green Baby Bunny

Green Beautiful Unicorn Lying

Green Beautiful Unicorn Prancing

Green Beautiful Unicorn Rearing

Green Bird

Green Cave Guardian

Green Cicada Singing

Green-Eyed Cat Crouching

Green Germ

Green Happy Dragon Flying

Green Happy Dragon Sleeping

Green Happy Dragon Standing

Green Happy Penguin Sitting

Green Happy Penguin Standing

Green Happy Penguin Waving

Green Puffball

Green Quint

Green Rapid Dragonfly Flying

Green Rapid Dragonfly Soaring

Green Rapid Dragonfly Standing

Green Sea Urchin

Green Shirted Brown Troll Standing

Green Shirted Purple Troll Standing

Green Starfish

Green Tea Mochi

Green Ugh Urchin

Grey Langur Monkey

Grey Long-Tailed Mouse Standing

Grey Playful Kitten Happy Face

Grey Playful Kitten Playing

Grey Playful Kitten Sad Face

Grey Playful Kitten Sleeping

Grey Raccoon Reaching

Grey Raccoon Standing

Grimacing Slug

Grizzle Gnawing

Grizzle Plotting

Grizzle Swooping

Grounder Flounder

Grubby Bug

Grumpy Groundhog

Grunge Rock

Guinea Pig

Gummy Worm

Haggis Sniffing

Hamster on Hind Legs

Hamster Running

Hamster Standing

Happy Cloud

Happy Dragon Hatchling (Smiling)

Happy Dragon Hatchling (Snoozing)

Happy Dragon Hatchling (Soaring)

Happy Ghost Floating

Happy Ghost Leaning

Happy Hanging Bat

Happy Starfish

Harlequin Hound

Hauntzel (Creeping)

Hauntzel (Haunting)

Hauntzel (Plotting)

Heart Dove (Agape)

Heart Dove (Contemplation)

Heilan Coo (That’s Highland Cow for You Non-Scots!) - Frisky

Heilan Coo (That’s Highland Cow for You Non-Scots!) - Front

Heilan Coo (That’s Highland Cow for You Non-Scots!) - Kneeling

Hermit Crab Home Search

Hermit Crab Moving In

Hermit Crab & Personal Garden

Hillbilly Starfish

Hippo Gaping (Grey)

Hippo Gaping (Pink)

Hippo Gaping (Purple)

Hippo Grinning (Grey)

Hippo Grinning (Pink)

Hippo Grinning (Purple)

Hippo Sitting (Grey)

Hippo Sitting (Pink)

Hippo Sitting (Purple)

His Majesty, The Lion (Resting)

His Majesty, The Lion (Roaring)

His Majesty, The Lion (Sitting)

Hoof’n Blue

Hoop Shirted Brown Troll Standing

Hoop Shirted Purple Troll Standing

House Mouse Asleep

House Mouse Crouching

House Mouse Looking Up

House Mouse Running

Humble Purple Squid

Humpty Dumpty

Husky Begging

Husky Howling

Husky Sitting

Icy Blue Butterfly

Inchworm (Lime Green)

Indigo-throated Hummingbird

Inita Sweetreat (Good Witch)

Innocent Little Bat

Isuh Teal ROLF

Ivanta Ee`t`u (Bad Witch)

Jersey Calf (Jumping)

Jersey Calf (Standing)

Jersey Calf (Walking)

Junkyard Dog

Justa Pink ROLF

K-9 Pup (Good Boy!)

K-9 Pup (Proud to Serve)

K-9 Pup (Ready for Training)

Kawaii Koi Fish (Excited)

Kawaii Koi Fish (Friendly)

Kawaii Koi Fish (Loveable)

Kicking Donkey

Kickin’ It Killer Whale

Kindergarten Bunny (Clapping)

Kindergarten Bunny (Official Schoolgirl)

Kindergarten Bunny (So Shy!)

Kingfisher Ice Bird in Profile

Kitten Paws

Kitties In the Mist (Blue)

Kitties In the Mist (Green)

Kitties In the Mist (Grey)

Kiwi (Contemplative)

Kiwi on a Quest

Kiwi (Prone)

Klutzy Kraken

Klutzy Puff

Komodo Dragon

Lavender Female Cicada

Lavender Ragdoll

Leaf Bunny (Brown Bug)

Leaf-Green Swallowtail Butterfly

Le Chat Noir/Black Cat (Gazing)

Le Chat Noir/Black Cat (Resting)

Le Chat Noir/Black Cat (Winking)

Leopard Complex Appaloosa Horse Listening

Leopard Complex Appaloosa Horse Rearing

Leopard Complex Appaloosa Horse Walking

Leopard Gecko (Blep)

Leopard Gecko (Happy)

Leopard Gecko (Napping)

Leopard Happy

Leopard Hugging

Leopard Sleeping

Leopard Standing

Leopard Walking

Lilac-Breasted Roller (Flying)

Lilac-Breasted Roller (Hovering)

Lilac-Breasted Roller (Sitting)

Lilac Daydream Unicorn (Running)

Lilac Daydream Unicorn (Sitting)

Lilac Daydream Unicorn (Standing)

Lilac Fancy Unicorn (Drummer)

Lilac Fancy Unicorn Rearing

Lilac Fancy Unicorn (Saxophonist)

Lilac Fancy Unicorn (Violinist)

Lilac Galloping Horse

Lime Green Lobster

Lit Bomb

Little Green Frog

Little Lost Lambee (Lying)

Little Lost Lambee (Sitting)

Little Lost Lambee (Standing)

Little Lovable Lambee (Leaping)

Little Lovable Lambee (Sitting)

Little Lovable Lambee (Standing)

Little Monster Balancing

Little Monster Lying Down

Little Monster Sitting

Little Pink Bunny Standing

Little Pink Monster Balancing

Little Pink Monster Lying Down

Little Pink Monster Sitting

Little Red Riding Bunny

Little Whisper Bird

Little White Dog Rolling Over

Lovebirds on Ground

Lovebirds Perching

Love Bug

Love Bug (Hypnotizing)

Love Bug (Kisses)

Love Bug (Sweet)

Lovely Lavender Hummingbird

Lovesick Angler Fish

Lovesick Angler Fish (Glowing)

Love Snake

Lucky Charm Grasshopper

Lucky Ladybug (Climbing)

Lucky Ladybug (Walking)

Lucky Ladybug (Waving)

Lucky Lizard

Lying Stag

Macaw (Profile)

Macaw (Sitting)

Macaw (Soaring)

Magician's Rabbit (Hiding)

Magician's Rabbit (Surprised)

Magician's Rabbit (Thinking)

Magic Rabbit

Magpie Preening

Magpie Singing

Magpie Standing

Majestic Monarch Butterfly Feeding

Majestic Monarch Butterfly Flying

Majestic Monarch Butterfly Flying High

Mammoth Ice Sculpture

Manatee (Blue)

Manatee (Brown)

Manatee Reclining (Blue)

Manatee Reclining (Brown)

Manatee Swimming (Blue)

Manatee Swimming (Brown)

Mandarin Duck (Listening)

Mandarin Duck (Napping)

Mandarin Duck (Swimming)

Mean Black Cat

Mean Shapeless Critter

Meerkat (Front Facing)

Meerkat (Sentry)

Meerkat (Sleeping)

Mellow Yellow Slug

Merry Mole Digging

Merry Mole Shocked

Merry Mole Sitting

Midnight Galloping Horse

Midnight Happy Dragon Flying

Midnight Happy Dragon Sleeping

Midnight Happy Dragon Standing

Milk Chocolate Turtle

Mimetic Macaw

Mindy Mozzie

Miner's Cat ~ Cattitude

Miner’s Cat – Concentration

Miner’s Cat – Play time

Moe Vember

Mother Wallaroo Contemplating

Mother Wallaroo Hopping

Mother Wallaroo Watching

Mouse in Trousers: Mission Accomplished!

Mouse in Trousers: Spokesmouse

Mouse in Trousers: Spokesmouse 2

Mouse in Trousers Waving

Mrs. Octavia Owl (Flapping)

Mrs. Octavia Owl (Flying)

Mrs. Octavia Owl (Perched)


Needa Brown ROLF

Nerdy Bat

Newton Nessie (Diving)

Newton Nessie (Front)

Newton Nessie (Side)

Nicholas Narwhal Dancing

Nicholas Narwhal Swimming

Nicholas Narwhal Waving

Nut of the Living Dead….Zombie Squirrel

Ocelot Kitten

Octopus Adorabilis

Old English Sheepdog


Orange Huh-Urchin

Orange Mochi

Orange Puffball

Orange Quint

Orange Starfish

Orangutan Hand Overlay 1

Orangutan Hand Overlay 2

Orangutan Hand Overlay 3

Orangutan Hand Overlay 4

Orangutan (Hanging)

Orangutan (Swinging)

Orangutan (Tumbling)

Painted Horse Rearing

Painted Horse Standing

Painted Horse Trotting

Pale Blue Jellyfish

Pale Green Jellyfish

Pale Orange Jellyfish

Pale Purple Jellyfish

Pale Red Jellyfish

Panda Sitting

Panda Waving

Panda With Bamboo


Party Bear

Party Bear (Open Paw)

Party Fowl Chatting

Party Fowl Dancing

Party Fowl Hugging

Patchwork Beagle

Patriotic Eagle

Pawesome (Autism) Therapy Dog


Peppermint Candy Turtle

Peppermint Rose Blossom Moth

Perched Toucan

Periwinkle Prism Dragonfly


Pfuzzle Bean

Pfuzzle Fidget

Pfuzzle Furball

Pfuzzle Mr Fudge

Pfuzzle Powder Puff

Phenomenal Pheasant

Phoenix Rising

Pied Crow

Pied Crow (Rainbow)

Pink Baby Bunny

Pink Flamingo Feeding

Pink Flamingo Resting

Pink Flamingo Standing

Pink Fluff Monster

Pink Fluff Monster In a Dress

Pink Jay Perching

Pink Jay Preening

Pink Jay Standing

Pink Kissing Fish

Pink Pig Standing

Pink Placid Lamb Standing

Pink Puffball

Pink Quadropus Swimming

Pink Slender Unicorn Sitting

Pink Starfish

Pink Yay-Urchin

Pistachio Star Moth

Playful Penguin Sliding

Playful Penguin Standing

Playful Penguin Walking


Plum Dragonfly

Plum Purple ROLF

Poised Panda in Green Tutu

Polar Bear Cub

Pondering Spirit Bear

Portmanteau Packrat

Posh French Poodle

Posh Peacock (Flirting)

Posh Peacock (Posing)

Posh Peacock (Proud)

Pouncing Red Squirrel

Pouting Spring Bunny

Pretty Purple Python

Primrose Puddle Duck

Prison Guard (Silver Fox)

Prissy Pussycat

Profounder Flounder


Pumpkin With Top Removed

Punk Rock

Purple Bull-Horned Slug

Purple Cave Guardian

Purple Cow

Purple Dragonfly Flitting

Purple Dragonfly Flying

Purple Dragonfly Legs

Purple Dragonfly Resting

Purple Dragonfly Toting

Purple Dragon Hatchling (Flying)

Purple Dragon Hatchling (Napping)

Purple Dragon Hatchling (Smirking)

Purple Happy Penguin Sitting

Purple Happy Penguin Standing

Purple Happy Penguin Waving

Purple Panda Paws

Purple Picnic Ant

Purple Pirate Butterfly

Purple Placid Lamb Standing

Purple Platypus Crawling

Purple Platypus Standing

Purple Platypus Swimming

Purple Pony

Purple Retriever Baby

Purple Swallowtail Butterfly

Purple Vampire Bat

Purple What-In-The-World?-Urchin

Puzzled Red Fire Monkey

Puzzle Peacock Spider


Query Fish (Cycling)

Query Fish (Even More Puzzled)

Query Fish (Puzzled)

Questing Chick

quokka overlay

Raccoon Baby

Raccoon (Plaintive)

Raccoon (Playful)

Raccoon (Prowling)

raccoon thief left arm overlay

raccoon thief right arm overlay

Radiant Red Lobster

Ragdoll Kitten Climbing

Ragdoll Kitten Jumping

Ragdoll Kitten (Playful)

Ragdoll Kitten (Sitting)

Rainbow Butterfly

Rainbow Gossamer Dragonfly

Rainbow Party Unicorn

Rare Rainbow Leaf Beetle (About to Fly)

Rare Rainbow Leaf Beetle Larva

Rare Rainbow Leaf Beetle Larva Bending

Rare Rainbow Leaf Beetle Larva Rising up

Rare Rainbow Leaf Beetle (Side View)

Rare Rainbow Leaf Beetle (Wings Out)

Rare Spix Macaw (Perched)

Rare Spix Macaw (Profile)

Rare Spix Macaw (Soaring)

Rascal E. Rabbit

Raspberry Cream Lemur

Rather Ordinary Toad (Brown)

Rattle Paddle Snake

Red Baby Dragon Sleeping

Red Baby Dragon Standing

Red Caped Duck

Red-Eyed Tree Frog (Climbing)

Red-Eyed Tree Frog (Leaping)

Red-Eyed Tree Frog (Watching)

Red Feisty Fox Leaping

Red Feisty Fox Sitting

Red Feisty Fox Sleeping

Red Feisty Fox Standing

Red Fire Ant

Red Fire Monkey Hanging

Red-Nosed Reindeer

Red Quint

Red Sea Urchin

Red Shirted Brown Troll Standing

Red Shirted Purple Troll Standing

Red Squirrel Laughing

Red Swallowtail Butterfly

Regal Andalusian Horse (Rearing)

Regal Andalusian Horse (Running)

Regal Andalusian Horse (Trotting)

Regal Elegant Crane

Reindeer Mouse

Reindeer - Sleigh Trainee (Side)

Reindeer - Sleigh Trainee (Sitting)

Reindeer - Sleigh Trainee (Standing)

Rejoicing Hedgehog

Robin Perched

Robin With Scarf

Robot Chicken

Robot N2P2C2

Robot NPC3PO

Rockin' Rooster

Rolling Panda

Rose Star Bear

Rowdy Starfish

Royal Mounted Foal

Ruby Ragdoll

Ruby Red Cave Guardian

Ruby-throated Hummingbird

Running Stag

Sabre Toothed Penguin

Sabre Toothed Penguin Swimming

Sabre Toothed Penguin Waving

Sad Green Dragon

Sad Orange Dragon

Sand & Surf Iguana

Santa Paws

Sapphire Blue Lobster

Scarecrow Crow

Scared Black Cat

Scared Crow

Scared Ghost

Scared Monkey is Scared

Scarlet Summer Tanager (Flying)

Scarlet Summer Tanager (Happy)

Scarlet Summer Tanager (Ruffled)

Scary Bat

Scary Ghost

Scottie Dog (Begging For Treats)

Scottie Dog (Please Pet Me!)

Scottie Dog (Waiting For You to Come Home From Work)

Scottish Wildcat

Shadow Kitty

Shamrock Skunk

Shamrock Turtle (Sitting)

Shamrock Turtle (Swimming)

Shamrock Turtle (Thinking)

Showman Snowman

Shrimpy Apricot Krill

Shy Hermit Monster

Shy Starfish

Silverback Gorilla

Silver Blue Babydoll

Silver Blue Wombat

Sinister Cthulwho

Sir Trollelot

Sitting Donkey

Sitting Green Cheerling

Sitting Mammoth

Sitting Purple Cheerling

Sitting Red Cheerling

Sitting Yeti

Six Eyed Spider

Sizzling Spotted Salamander


Sleeping Spring Bunny

Sleepy Spirit Bear

Slinky Slippery Garter Snake (Laughing)

Slinky Slippery Garter Snake (Sleeping)

Slinky Slippery Garter Snake (Smiling)


Sloth (Climbing)

Sloth (Playful)

Smiling Bee

Smiling Crocodile

Smiling Panda

Smiling Shark

Smiling Slug

Snow Cheerling (Lying)

Snow Cheerling (Sitting)

Snow Cheerling (Sleeping)

Snowflake Squirrel

Snow Leopard (Sitting Pretty)

Snow Leopard (Sleeping)

Snow Leopard (Walking)

Snowy Owl (In Flight)

Snowy Owl (Perching)

Snowy Owl (Side Stance)

Solemn Spirit of Giving

Solitary Skunk

Space Whale (Rainbow)

Space Whale (Silver)

Sparkling Snow Foxee Leaping in the Rain

Sparkling Snow Foxee Sitting

Sparkling Snow Foxee Sleeping

Sparkling Snow Foxee Standing

Sparkly-Eyed Chick

Sprightly Spring Lamb Frolicking

Spring Blossom Butterfly

Spring Zephyr

Squeezey Skeezle

Squirmy Wormie

Squooshie (Content)

Squooshie (Curious)

Squooshie (Irritable)

Sssafety Sssleuth (Boa Constrictor)

Standing Blue Shelled Turtle

Standing Donkey

Standing Green Cheerling

Standing Panda

Standing Purple Cheerling

Standing Red Cheerling

Standing Stag

Standing Yeti

Stardust Unicorn (Curious)

Stardust Unicorn (Prancing)

Stardust Unicorn (Star Gazing)

Starlight Cheerling (Lying)

Starlight Cheerling (Sitting)

Starlight Cheerling (Sleeping)

Startled April Teal Bug

Startled Pumpkin

Startled Slug

Storm Grey Butterfly

Stormy Toad (Blue)

Straw Bear

Strawberry Milky Moo Cow Jumping

Strawberry Milky Moo Cow Lying

Strawberry Milky Moo Cow Sitting

Strawberry Milky Moo Cow Standing

Strawberry Mochi

Stripey Shirted Brown Troll Standing

Struggling Slug

Studious Stuart (Gray Ugly Duckling with Spectacles)

Summer Breeze

Summerfly (Back)

Summerfly (Front)

Summerfly (Tilted)

Sunset Swan

Surprised Green Blibble

Surprised Red Squirrel

Sweet and Sour Toad (2-Tone Green)

Sweetheart Iguana

Sweetheart Seahorse (Green)

Sweetheart Seahorse (Pink)

Sweet Petals Caterpillar

Swimming Cygnet

Swimming Shark

Swimming Swan

Tan Happy Goat (Gazing)

Tan Happy Goat (Leaping)

Tan Happy Goat (Prancing)

Tapir Laughing

Tapir Sitting

Tapir Walking

Teal Galloping Horse

Teal Starfish

The Blue Giant Sea Otter

The Cardinal

The Four Brothers (Hydra)

The Greatest Dane (Lying)

The Greatest Dane (Sitting)

The Greatest Dane (Standing)

The Jabberwocky

The Little Fox’Maid

The Little Fox’Maid (In Violet)

The Monster Within

The Raven

Thoughtful Hedgehog

Three-Tailed Fox (Leaping)

Three-Tailed Fox (Sitting)

Three-Tailed Fox (Standing)

Thunder Hound

Tiger Happy

Tiger Hugging

Tiger Sleeping

Tiger Standing

Tiger Walking

Tired April Teal Bug

Toadstool Mushroom (Red)

Topless Crying Pumpkin


Tremulous Turkey

Trotting Mammoth

Turkey Standing

Turquoise Oh-No-Urchin

Twice-as-Nice Toad (Purple)

Unlit Bomb

Vanilla Milky Moo Cow Jumping

Vanilla Milky Moo Cow Lying

Vanilla Milky Moo Cow Sitting

Vanilla Milky Moo Cow Standing

Violet Chic Chicky

Violet Puffball

Violet Starfish

Vivid Purple Lobster

Walking Bear

Walking Hedgehog

Walking Mammoth

Walking Swan

Wasa Blue ROLF

Waving Shark

Waving Toucan

Weedy Sea Dragon

Westie (Begging For Treats)

Westie (Please Pet Me!)

Westie (Waiting For You to Come Home From Work)

Whiskered Walrus

Whistling Blue Sea Urchin

Whistling Green Sea Urchin

Whistling Red Sea Urchin

Whistling Wind

White Dwarf Rhinoceros

White Galloping Horse

White Llama (Determined)

White Llama (Sleeping)

White Llama (Standing)

Wild White Tiger Cub (Playful)

Wild White Tiger Cub (Relaxed)

Wild White Tiger Cub (Sleepy)

Will O' the Wisp

Winged Grey Hippo

Winged Pink Hippo

Winged Violet Hippo

Winter Blast

Wolverine (Handstand)

Wolverine (Lying)

Wolverine (Sitting)

Yellow and White Panda Sleeping

Yellow Cave Guardian

Yellow Duckling Waving

Yellow Lovable Labrador Playing

Yellow Lovable Labrador Resting

Yellow Lovable Labrador Rolling

Yellow Lovable Labrador Running

Yellow Lovable Labrador Sitting

Yellow Lovable Labrador Standing

Yellow Maned Pony Grazing

Yellow Maned Pony Rearing

Yellow Maned Pony Standing

Yellow Quint

Yellow Who-Me-Urchin

Zany Zebra

Zebra (Prancing)

Zebra (Sitting)

Zebra (Standing)

Copyright conditions for game users

Version 1.03: 10th June 2015

  • "Image" shall refer to art provided by "Pets 'n' Friends". "Picture" shall refer to art created by the use of the "Pets 'n' Friends" image editor. "Signature" shall refer to art used in the MSP forum. "Video" refers to any form of video which includes "pictures".
  • 1. Users may create signatures for use on the MSP forum and in the 'My Pets' page 'Welcome' section by hand, or using any software they own or have legitimate access to. To fit the overlay version of the 'Welcome' section they should be 630 pixels wide by 300 high, or smaller. Pictures reproduced anywhere else must be created using the PnF image editor, and the game should be acknowledged.
  • 2. Pictures created using the PnF image editor may be reproduced by users, whether they created the picture or they are posting pictures created by others, on any platform where the game can be played, and on the MSP forum. This specifically includes using the Facebook share, like and comment buttons. Pictures may be reproduced on other social sites for the purpose of sharing your enjoyment of the game. This may not under any circumstances include commercial use of any kind. If the user is unclear, they should seek advice on the MSP forum from the PnF game administrator, "lisa".
  • 3. MSP shall consider selling PnF image-bearing goods as and when PnF app membership makes this viable; users must not seek to create their own products using game images, pictures or signatures.
  • 4. Users who create and sell signatures in the forum should not seek or accept reward in other forms than game items (golden moles, silver moles, images, etc. are allowed) and are specifically required not to sell signatures for money.
  • 5. Users must not trade in-game ownership of images for money or for any form of payment external to the game.
  • 6. We do not permit our images to be altered for any purpose except creating forum signatures.
  • 7. Users agree that MSP may use any picture created using the PnF image editor for promotional purposes.
  • 8. Users take sole responsibility for the legality of any picture they create using the PnF image editor in all jurisdictions.

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