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Found: 603 images.

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Abandoned Mansion

Abysmal Abyss

A Derbyshire Summer

After the Rain

A Little Home On the Hill

A Little Home On the Moonlit Hill

Alphabet Soup

An Ancient Rock

An Englishman's Home

Another Row Of Conical Trees

Antarctic Summer of Perpetual Daylight

A Popular Tree

Aquarium Wallpaper (Basic)

Aquarium Wallpaper (Luxury)

Aquarium Wallpaper (With Plants)

Aquarium Wallpaper (With Plants and Arches)

Archer's Target Field

Arctic Mountaintop

Arctic Scene

A Summer Night

Aurora Over Saber-Tooth Glacier

Autumn Bubbles

Autumn Colours

Autumn Molehill

Autumn Pathway

Autumn Waters

A View Of the Mountains

A Walk In the Country

A Way Through the Clover

Backyard Ivy Garden

Backyard Pool

Badger's Breakfast

Balloon Hills

Balloon Hills Monochrome

Bamboo Clearing

Bamboo Thicket

Barbrook Moor

Beach Scene 1

Beach Tide

Beauty Of Clouds

Beaver Handiwork

Beaver Project

Bejeweled Cavern

Bethlehem Night

Bigfoot Bay

Bigfoot Bay (Bitter Winter)

Bigfoot Bay Christmas

Bigfoot Bay (Frosty Fall)

Bigfoot Mountain Dawn

Bigfoot Mountain Sentinel

Bigfoot Mountain Treeline

Bigfoot Mountain Valley


Black and White Checkered Wall Overlay (Large Squares)

Black and White Checkered Wall Overlay (Small Squares)

Blood Sky At Hardknott

Blood Sky At Hardknott (Filtered)

Blue Butterfly Pea Herbs

Blue Dots (Left)

Blue Herbs

Blue Horizon in Bubble Land

Blue Is For Bluebird

Blue Lots Of Dots

Blue Midnight Forest

Blue Moon

Blue Mystery Box

Blue Orchard

Blue Snow

Bold Moonlit Meadows

Bonnie Glen Farm

Booklover’s Cavern


Bradwell Daisy (Filtered)

Bridge In the Wilderness

Bright Throne Room

Bright Violet

Brilliant Throne Room

Brown Bamboo Village

Brown Planet

Brown Woods

Bubbles of Fun (Dark)

Bubbles of Fun (Light)

Bubble Tree Hill (Cloudy)

Bubble Tree Hill (Happy)

Busy Bee’s Sewing Room


By Lathkill Lodge

Camels At Sunrise

Candy Coated Valley

Castle Bright

Castle Courageous

'Castle Island' Painting

Castle Stormy

Cavern Of Fire

Cave Wall

Cave Wall Of Paws (2)

Cave Wall Pony Painting

Celebration City

Cellular Vortex


Chapeau Grotto Fruit Machine

Chocolate Land

Christmas Room

Cloud Mist

Cloud Rainbow

Cloudy Day Window

Colour My World

Comfortable Home 1

Comfortable Home 2

Comfortable Home 3

Comfortable Home 4

Contrast Trees

Cool Laser Field

Coot On the loose

Crocus Crescent Bungalow

Crocus Crescent Chalets

Crocus Explosion

Crocus Park

Crocus Park Monochrome

Crystal Cove At Sundown

Cumulus Clouds

Cumulus Sky

Curbar Fog

Dana’s Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious

Dawn Light In A Field Of Flowers

Dawn Light In the Field

Dawn Mountaintop

Dawn Scene 1

Dawn Scene 2

Dawn Scene 3

Dawn Scene 4

Day’s End – Cave Opening

Deep Space Distant

Desert By Day

Desert By Night

Desert Canyon

Desert Monochrome

Designer Grand Entrance

Direction Tree

Disco Lights


Dragon Fire Meadow

Dragon Flames

Dream Of Summer

Dream the Day Away Beach

Dream the Day Away Beach Monochrome

Duckless Duckweed

Dungeon Wall and Floor

Dusty Chalkboard

East Egg Farm

Easter Blossom Meadow

Easter Hill With Crosses (Blue Sky)

Easter Hill With Crosses (Orange Sky)

Easter Hill With Crosses (Red Sky)

Echo Cavern

Egg Hill

Eggsecutive Heights

Elton Hole

Embedded Bubbles

Emerald Hills

Emerald Hills Rainbow

Empty Room

Empty Shop Room

Ethereal Night Sky

Evening Aurora

Evening In Paris

Everything and the kitchen sink!

Exterior Shop Wall

Eyes (Green)

Fall Cottage

Fall Cottage Closeup

Fall Cottage Monochrome

Fall Seen Through A Cottage Window

Fancy Roof

farm scene

Firefly Dance

Fire Mountain

Fireworks Night Sky

Fireworks Over Water

Foxglove Flyover

Fox House Dawn (Filtered)

Fractal Fields

Fragrant Lilac Trees

Freshly Tilled Garden

Froggatt Flowing

Frosted Glass

Garden Scene

Gaseous Turquoise Planet

Gateway to the Dale

Geometric (Purple)

Gerbera Daisy Garden (Fruit Machine Finish)

Gerbera Daisy Garden (Fruit Machine Start)

Glowing Orbs

Glowing Pipes

Golden Brown

Golden Herbs

Goldenrod Herbs

Gossip Fence

Gossip Fence Monochrome

Graffiti Wall


Grand Canyon

Grandma's Empty Attic

Grandma's Full Attic

Granny's Handmade Quilt

Grassy Hill By Day

Grassy Hill By Night

Grassy Plain Of Old

Green Aurora Borealis

Green Bubble Darkness

Green Classroom Back

Green Lots Of Dots

Green-Purple Aurora

Green Snow

Grey Brick Wall

Grey Parisienne

Grey Parisienne (Muted)

Grey Room With Brick Wall

grey wall

Halloween Homes (Red)

Halloween Homes (Teal)

Halloween Homes (Violet)

Halloween Scene (Red)

Halloween Scene (Teal)

Halloween Scene (Violet)

Halloween Sky (Red)

Halloween Sky (Teal)

Halloween Sky (Violet)

Highland Glen

Hill Of Beans

Hole In the Wall

Hollow Of the Hills

Houses of Parliament, Sunset

Iben’s Stonehenge

Ice Blue Spheres

Ice Crystals

Ice Planet 1

Ice Planet 2

Ice Planet 3

Ice Rink Stadium

Icicle Cave

Icy Starry Night

Igloo Land By Starlight

Interstellar Nebular


Iridescent Light Beams

Japanese Chanoyu Tearoom Scene

jars scene 2018

Jellybean Hills

Just Another Back Road In Cumbria

Kaida’s Room

Kathy’s Autumn Reflections

Kirsten’s Rainy Encounter

Ladybower By Moonlight

Lakeview Branch

Lathkill In Summer

Laughing Rock Mountain

Lavender Light Show

Lawrence Field Sunset (Filtered)

Leaf Fall

Leaning Barn

London Skyline By Night

Lonely Plateau

Longshaw Grazing

Longshaw In Autumn

Looking For Fairies

Love Is In the Air

Love is in the Air Monochrome

Mad Science Experiment Fruit Machine Cover (Open)

Mad Science Experiment Jars (Overlay)

Magical Midnight Marsh

Make Room For Romance!

Make Room For Romance With a View!

Mandala (Green)

Mandala (Rose)

Marathon Track

Marazion Beach Sunset (Filtered)

Marble Alcove

Maria's Whispering Trees

Meeting Of the Waters

Mid Grey

Mona Aera

Monarch Marigolds

Monk Coniston

Monochrome Midnight Forest

Monochrome Moonlit Meadows

Monochrome Winter Mountains Night

Monochrome Winter Roadside

Moonlit Sky

Moon Man Scene

Mountain Lake at Twilight

Mountain Moonrise

Mountain Stream

Mountain Stream Monochrome

Mouse In the House (Green)

Mouse In the House (Monochrome)

Mouse In the House (Purple)

Musee d’Art de Cannelle

Naughty Castle Chalkboard

Naughty Farm Chalkboard

Neon Kaleidoscope

New Green Classroom

New Monochrome Classroom

New Purple Classroom

New York Skyline At Night

Nightscape Sky

Nightscape Sky With Stars

Night Sky

North Pole With Aurora

North Pole With Starry Sky

Nowhere to Nowhere

Nukhet’s Waterside

Oak Woodgrain

Ocean Harbour

Ocean Painting (Day)

Ocean Painting (Night)

Ocean Swirls

O Christmas Tree

Old Cobbled Alley

Old Laboratory

Open Picnic Field

Orange Galactic Supernova

Orange Lanterns Aglow (Black Background)

Orange Lanterns Algow (Blue Background)

Orange Orchard

Orange Planet

Orbital Vortex

Over the Moon

Pagoda Scene

Paradise Awaits

Paris Skyline At Night

Party Dance Floor Deluxe

Passage Through the Rolling Hills

Pastel Green

Pastel Peach

Pastel Rings

Peeking Through

Perfect Day

Petarctica Oasis

Petarctica Vista

Pet Café Terrace at Night

petective agency

Pets 'n' Friends Dance Floor

Pet Stone Houses 1

Pet Stone Houses 2

Picnic Party

Pink Dandelion Fields

Pink Ice Drawing Room

Pink Ice Living Room

Pink Ice Room With Door and Window

Pink Mystery Box

Pink Paris Skyline At Night

Pink Snow

Piuva Park

Piuva Park Monochrome

Plunder On the Beach

P 'n' F Chalkboard

POD Home

Polevaulting For Beetles

Pork Avenue,

Pork Avenue, New Pork City Boom Years

Portal to the Heavens

Port In Storm At Sea (Pirate Hunt)

Provincial Park

Pumpkin Patch

Pure Blue

Pure Green

Pure Red

Pure Yellow

Purple Aurora Borealis

Purple Classroom Back

Purple Dots (Left)

Purple Herbs

Purple Ice Drawing Room

Purple Ice Living Room

Purple Ice Room With Door and Window

Purple Lake

Purple Lake Monochrome

Purple Laser Field

Purple Lots Of Dots

Purple Mystery Box

Purple Planet

Purple Quasar Close Up

Purple Quasar Distant

Purple Tint Dandelion Fields

Purple Woods

Quiet Rolling Hills

Quiet Village Street

Race Track

Rainbow Bridge

Rainbow Bubbles (Cool)

Rainbow Bubbles (Soft)

Rainbow Meadow

Rainbow Path

Rainforest Clearing

Rainforest Clearing At Night

Rainforest Clearing With Rainbow

Rainforest Refuge

Rainy Day Window

Raphael's Cherubs!

Red Giant Star

Red Herbs

Red Mystery Box


Rocky Island Night (Pirate)

Rocky Island Storm (Pirate)

Rocky Island Sunset (Pirate)

Rosie’s Follow Your Dream

Round Island Night (Pirate)

Round Island Storm (Pirate)

Round Island Sunset (Pirate)

Row of Conical Trees

Saber-Tooth Glacier

Sailing the Autumn Sky

Sakura (Cherry) Trees

Sandstone Bungalow Front Yard

Sandstone Bungalow Garage

Santa Scene

Savannah At Night

Savannah Close

Savannah Clouds

Savannah Distant

Savannah Heat

Scarier Scary Night

Scary Night

Scary Sky

Scene From A Cottage Window

Scene Through A Cottage Window

Serene Jungle Glade

Shades Of Blue

Shades of Blues

Shades of Fire

Shades of Green

Shades of Magenta

Shades Of Orange

Shades of Pink

Shades of Rainbow

Shades of Violet

Shades of Yellow

She Cave Retreat

Sheffield Cloudscape (Filtered)

Silver Mountains Dawn

Silver Mountains Parklands

Silver Splash Back

Simple Grave

Simple Grave With Wreath

Skate City

Skate City Monochrome

Skeezle Cove

Skeezle's Treasure Map (Beach Section)

Skeezle's Treasure Map (Laughing Rock Section)

Skeezle's Treasure Map (Shipwreck Section)

Skeezle's Treasure Map (Trilliant Island Section)

Snowbound Landscape

Snow Castle


Snowflake Wrapping Paper

Snowy Mountain Ridge

Social Gatherings

Soft Moonlit Meadows

Solitary Toadstool In the Woods

Sombre Sunset

Some Speak Of Magic

Southern Cross Over Blue Mountain Ridge

Space Time Warp

Spiders At Night

Splash Puddles

Splash Puddles Monochrome

Spring Bubbles

Spring Daybreak

Spring Green Trees

Spring Molehill

Spring Pond

Stadium Track

Stage Set

Standing Totem Field (Start)

Starry Night

Starry Night At Sea (Pirate Hunt)



St Patrick's Day Plaid

St Patrick's Day Plaid 1

St Patrick's Day Plaid 2

St Patrick's Day Plaid 2016

St Patrick's Day Plaid 3

St Patrick's Day Plaid 6

Summer Bubbles

Summer Hillock

Summer Molehill

Sunny Scene

Sunset At Sea (Pirate Hunt)

Sun Sky Scene

Swallow's Dale

Swamp (Dry Season)

Swamp (Rainy Season)

Swamp (Rainy Season At Night)

Swamp (Rainy Season With Trees)

Syan's Eagle on the Wing

Sydney Opera House

Sydney Opera House Monochrome

Symmetry In Blue

Teal Midnight Forest

The Birth of Venus

The Blue-Grey Hills

The Bong-Tree Sea

The Deep Chill

The Doggie Decathalon Course

The Dying Day

The Empty Tomb

The Empty Woods

The Fencing Floor

The First Leaves Of Spring

The Howling Hills

The Kitten Parkour Course

The Last Light Of the Day

The Last Light Of the Day (Filtered)

The Long Jump Pit

The Monkey Obstacle Course

The (Monkey) Scream

The MOON Arena

The Night Before Christmas

The Ocean Floor

The Opal Toss Arena

The Perfect Picture Birdbath Scene

The Swamp

The Tropical Ocean

The Weightlifting Stage

Throne Room

Tidal Cave By Day

Tidal Cave By Night

Tinted Winter

Toadstools In the Woods

Toronto Skyline By Night

Totem Field (Empty Field)

Tower In the Trees

Tower in the Trees Monochrome


Treasure On the Beach

Treehouse Meadow At Night

Treehouse Meadow By Day

Treehouse Meadow In the Afternoon

Treehouse Meadow In the Winter Night

Treehouse Meadow In Winter

Tree of Summer Fun

Trilliant Bluffs

Trilliant Island Floating

Tropical Sunset

Tropical Sunset Monochrome

Tropical Tranquility Beach


Twilight Mountaintop

Uluru Sunrise

Underwater Sunlight 1

Underwater Sunlight 2

Underwater Sunlight 3

Underwater Sunlight Monochrome

Underwater Trench

Urquhart Castle Afternoon

Urquhart Castle Evening

Urquhart Castle Night

Urquhart Castle Sunrise

Valentine's Day Wrap 1

Valentine's Day Wrap 2

Valentine's Day Wrap 3

Valentine's Day Wrap 4

Valentine's Day Wrap 5

Valentine's Day Wrap 6

Valentine's Day Wrap 7

Vegetable Garden Day

Vendor Street

Verdant Summer Hillock

Victorian Cottage

View Of the Hills 1

View Of the Hills 2

View Of the Hills 3

View Of the Hills 4

View Of the Hills 5

Warm Glow Lighthouse

Weston Plaza


White Dandelion Fields

White Edge Lodge Autumn

Wildflower Meadow

William Troll's Tree

Winter Cottage Scene

Winter Hillside In Deep Snow

Winter Hills' Roadside

Winter Molehill

Winter Tartan

Winter Tartan Close Up

Winter Tartan Wave

Winter Watercolour

Winter Wrap

Winter Wrapping

Woodland Scene

Wood Panel Splash Back

Wraynbow Hall

Wreck Of the Evening Sky

Wrynose In Summer

Yasmeen's Treasure

Yellow Galactic Supernova

Yellow Lanterns Aglow (Blue Background)

Yellow Lots Of Dots

Copyright conditions for game users

Version 1.03: 10th June 2015

  • "Image" shall refer to art provided by "Pets 'n' Friends". "Picture" shall refer to art created by the use of the "Pets 'n' Friends" image editor. "Signature" shall refer to art used in the MSP forum. "Video" refers to any form of video which includes "pictures".
  • 1. Users may create signatures for use on the MSP forum and in the 'My Pets' page 'Welcome' section by hand, or using any software they own or have legitimate access to. To fit the overlay version of the 'Welcome' section they should be 630 pixels wide by 300 high, or smaller. Pictures reproduced anywhere else must be created using the PnF image editor, and the game should be acknowledged.
  • 2. Pictures created using the PnF image editor may be reproduced by users, whether they created the picture or they are posting pictures created by others, on any platform where the game can be played, and on the MSP forum. This specifically includes using the Facebook share, like and comment buttons. Pictures may be reproduced on other social sites for the purpose of sharing your enjoyment of the game. This may not under any circumstances include commercial use of any kind. If the user is unclear, they should seek advice on the MSP forum from the PnF game administrator, "lisa".
  • 3. MSP shall consider selling PnF image-bearing goods as and when PnF app membership makes this viable; users must not seek to create their own products using game images, pictures or signatures.
  • 4. Users who create and sell signatures in the forum should not seek or accept reward in other forms than game items (golden moles, silver moles, images, etc. are allowed) and are specifically required not to sell signatures for money.
  • 5. Users must not trade in-game ownership of images for money or for any form of payment external to the game.
  • 6. We do not permit our images to be altered for any purpose except creating forum signatures.
  • 7. Users agree that MSP may use any picture created using the PnF image editor for promotional purposes.
  • 8. Users take sole responsibility for the legality of any picture they create using the PnF image editor in all jurisdictions.

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