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Jenni Paske, Apr 2019
Lisette is questing!
Click the pic to fade to colour!
Episode 14/28: Uh, Lisette, I spied the egg, said Skeezle, but I don't think you're going to want to collect this one!
Yeah, yeah, yeah, cried Fossey, who was laughing, well, like a gorilla.
Well, happens, doesn't it? said Lisette. Holding a slightly used hanky over her nose, Lisette dug down deep and scooped up the Checkmate Red (Marble Egg).
Njagi watched the whole thing and in the bush.
Syan White, Feb 2019
That looks very peaceful
Boris, Feb 2019
Deleted account
You fed why.way one Purple Lunch Bag!

She rates this food +18.
"Sorry, there's no trading today, my bag is packed with my favorites!"
You score + 18 and so does why.way.