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❤️❤️ Sue & Faεяydaε :) ❤️❤️
& Faεяydaε

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My Name is Zimba I'm a clever Fox. I have 1 Brother and 2 Sisters, My Cousins are 3 Beautiful Pink, blue and green Unicorns. My Fave Food is I Live in
Meet My Brother and Sisters
Chikito (Brother) I Live in My Favorite Food is
I Love being the Funny one. and my speciality is Tormenting my Sisters
Candi (Sister) I Live in My Favorite Food is
I love being the most Intellectual of them all. i Can outsmart my Brothers and Sister
SilverMist (Sister) I Live in My Favorite Food is
I’m a Very Pretty rare Silver Fox, They say Unique ,,but i know im just very special
Meet My Beautiful 3 Cousins
Zasha (Cousin) I Live in My Favorite Food is
Im a Beautiful Unicorn with a Beautiful Nature , my Sister is green with Envy
Mischa (Cousin ) I Live in My Favorite Food is
Im a Colourful Unicorn, I have a Colourful nature. My Sister is not a patch on me.
Faεяydaε I live in I Was adopted 10/07/2018 I am a Gawjus Pink Unicorn !! Much prettier than my sisters
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