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Controlling access to your information

When you create an account in the "Pets 'n' Friends" app, "Pets 'n' Friends" places a page under your control. On this page, accessed using the 'My family' button in the top menu, you may enter text and display slides you have created using the "Pets 'n' Friends" editor.

Controlling access to your page

To control who may access your page, first go to your page. Look for the padlock icon in the toolbar. Hover the dropdown to the right of it, which will then display 'Your privacy level'. Click on the dropdown and select from 'public', 'app users', 'friends' and 'private'.

  • public - anyone may see your page, even if they are not a user of Pets 'n' Friends. This also means search engines can access your page.
  • app users - this means your page can only be viewed by other users of Pets 'n' Friends.
  • friends - this means that only users included in your in-game friends list can see your page. Pets 'n' Friends will automatically add your Facebook friends to your in-game friends list as they join the app, but you can delete them from that list and you can also add anyone else to that list, whether they are your Facebook friends or not.
  • private - this means that you and only you can see your own page.

However, notwithstanding the above, "Pets 'n' Friends" administrators or developers may see your page at any time by using features only accessible to them. They may view or alter your page for two reasons:

  • If you want help.
  • If you are in breach of the TOS, in which case it is their duty to remove anything which causes this to be so.

Whenever an administrator or developer accesses your page in this way, their actions will leave a full audit trail through which "Pets 'n' Friends" can identify every action they take on your behalf.

Controlling access to your slides

You will always have at least one 'home' slide, which is visible to everyone who can see your page. When you have two or more slides, you may then select which of them is the 'home' slide by clicking the 'kennel' button, which appears under every 'public' slide on your page (but only to you).

Excepting the 'home' slide, you may set the privacy of each of the other slides on your page as follows.

Check that the dropdown next to the 'eye' icon in the toolbar is showing 'yourself', else the following controls will not be provided. Then click the 'edit' button to the right of your slides. Using the slide controls, navigate to any slide whose privacy settings you wish to edit. Under the slide editing controls beneath and to the right of the slide you will see the message 'Set slide privacy', with a dropdown to the right of it. The dropdown displays the current privacy setting of the current slide. Click the dropdown to select a new value from a choice of 'public', 'app users', 'friends' and 'private'. The definitions of these terms are the same as in the section 'Controlling access to your page', above.

Checking what other users can see

Some users may find the combination of controls for page and slide privacy confusing. As an example, if a slide has been set to 'public' privacy and your page has been set to 'private' privacy, only you can see the slide, because no one else can see the page. In order to ensure users can tell what other users can see, we provide the 'view as' control. This does not affect what other users see; it lets you see what they would see.

Go to your page using the 'My family' button in the menu. You will see an 'eye' icon in the toolbar. To the right of this is a dropdown, which when hovered reads 'View your page with this status'. Select from 'public', 'app users' 'friends', 'yourself' or 'banned'.

  • public - you will see only what someone without a "Pets 'n' Friends" account would see. If your page has higher privacy than 'public', you will see a message denying entry. If your page is public, you will see it and at least your home slide.
  • 'app users' - you will see your page as if you were another user of "Pets 'n' Friends" who is not on your app friends list.
  • 'friends' - you will see your page as if you were a member of your app friends list.
  • 'yourself' - this is the default setting, You will be able to see everything which you have created on your page, excepting only any slides you have deleted.
  • 'banned' - you will see the page as a user you have banned would see it when they are logged into "Pets 'n' Friends". However note that if they are not logged in, "Pets 'n' Friends" cannot tell that you have banned them, and they will necessarily be treated as a guest, able to see 'public' slides on 'public' pages. Thus in order to keep anyone you have banned from seeing any part of your page, we recommend that you select 'app users' privacy for your page.

The public gallery

You may put your slides in the public gallery by clicking the 'spider' button to the right of your slides (this will appear with a red slash through it if you have already done so). When you post a slide to the public gallery, it will normally appear with your icon and username, linked back to your own page.

To post slides to the public gallery anonymously, first set the privacy of your slide to 'friends' or 'private', then click the spider button. When prompted, go to the gallery to see the slide as posted. If you have posted the slide anonymously, you will see a 'spider' icon instead of your own, and two buttons beneath it. If you click 'Go public', your slide will appear with your own icon in future. If you click 'remove', the slide will be removed from the public gallery.

Note that posting content which breaches the TOS will first result in admin banning the slide using a button only they can see and use, then the developers will be called upon to identify the culprit by accessing raw data visible only to programming staff. If necessary, breaches of the TOS can result in being banned from "Pets 'n' Friends".

Social features

To the right of your images is a 'troll' button. When you hover this you will see 'Share, like or comment on a new page'. Anyone who you allow to view a slide on your page can click this button to see that slide on a page of its own. From there they can share, like, comment or tweet that page. Those who see a link created in Facebook or Twitter will be able to visit the slide on that page, subject only to the privacy setting of the slide, NOT the privacy setting of your page.

Deletion and purging

Deleting your account does not remove information from your account, but denies both you and anyone else access to it through the "Pets 'n' Friends" services. If you also require to remove your information from the "Pets 'n' Friends" website, you must also purge your account.

Deleting your account

To delete your account, open your 'edit friends' page by clicking the leftmost icon in our toolbar. The icon shows two penguins facing one another, and when hovered says 'Edit friends page'. Then click the button marked 'Your account'.

The effects of deletion are listed in full, with an option to delete at the bottom. Click 'Click to delete' to delete your account, then click 'Ok' when asked if you really want to do so.

Purging your account

First you must delete your account, see above. You will then see a page offering you the choice of undeleting your account or purging it.

If you do not purge your account at this time, you can do so later. The only way in which the "Pets 'n' Friends" site will recognise you (when your account has been deleted) is to provide you with the 'edit friends' link, which is not open to guests (users without an account). Click that button and then click the 'Your account' button, as above, and you will at once be prompted with the choice of undeleting your account or purging it.

The 'purge' option will advise you in detail of the consequences of purging. If you wish to see the details for reference purposes, delete your account, read the advice given regarding 'purge', then undelete your account.

Facebook comments

Any text you have entered using the Facebook comments system can only be removed by you, or the administrators appointed to remove breaches of the TOS. If you wish to remove a comment, go back to wherever you placed the comment and delete it in the usual way. The "Pets 'n' Friends" website has no access to this data.

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