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When a new user joins the game through a slide, a quest image or a weather game image you have shared, you have a chance to win a free pet pose! A new nest (with white eggs) is made for you when the new user joins the game. If the new user stays in the game, coloured eggs will be laid in your nest. If the new user continues to use the game, the eggs will hatch into a random dinosaur!

You can win these images!

All rewards are FULL SIZE!

Your rewards

Share on your FACEBOOK TIMELINE or Twitter to win rewards!

No users have joined through your shares in the last 365 days.

Scroll down for advice.

What to do

At present you can (FB) share or Tweet slides (yours, anyone elses, or from the gallery), Quest wins and Weather Game rewards. Slides must be public, else they will not show up for non-users. Everything in the Gallery is public, so that is the best place to look. Share to your own timeline - there is no point sharing to places where everyone already plays PnF. When a non-player clicks on your share or Tweet, they will be directed to a page in our portal site, showing a banner inviting them to adopt a pet. If they click that banner they will be offered a choice of adopting via Facebook or the portal site (if they are on a mobile device, Facebook is not offered). When they adopt a pet, their account will be recorded as beginning with your share, and you will be alerted by a nest in your App Gifts tab. After that, every day the new user uses the portal site, you will be one step closer to free eggs and dinosaurs!

Who shares wins!

If you see a great slide someone else has created, share it. The rewards go to the person who does the sharing, not the person who creates the slides. But only you can share your own Quest and Weather Game wins.

How to help new users

Don't just share the default text - tell your friends what a great game PnF is, and how creating an account will help you. The biggest problem new users face is email confirmation - though we clearly tell new users that the confirmation email will probably be in their spam folder, many of them never find it. Give them help to get started! Explain about the portal site, and how to use it. Then watch your progress towards a free dinosaur on this page! Every day the new user uses our portal site, you are one step closer to free eggs and dinosaurs!

What not to do

Every real user is allowed ONE PnF account. Creating a second account is a breach of our terms of service. Please do not create accounts just to get free dinosaurs. If we catch you cheating, the penalty can be anything up to banning both accounts. We need new users for you to enjoy the game with, not lots of unused fake accounts, which will just increase our operating costs. Help the game to grow - it is easier to use than ever and will carry on getting better!