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Majestic Monarch Butterfly

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Who would think that ugly caterpillars turn into beautiful regal butterflies like us? Over time, I changed, becoming one of the largest of the butterflies, but through all my transformation, my heart has always belonged to the flowers.

A tireless fourth generation traveller, I have just returned from my winter holiday in Mexico and am ready to help you grow the best plants you have ever seen! With my help your fruits and veggies are sure to excel!

I happily visit every plant; as I flit and float from flower to flower, I might also land on the ears or noses of your pets when they are not watching! Not only do I pollinate each plant, I also collect small threads of each colourful petal which I spin into silken embroidery floss. Using my antennae, I embroider lovely hankies and pillowcases like those your grandma used to have. My deepest pleasure is to recreate my travels in beautiful embroideries and wall hangings. I live my life surrounded by beauty.

Your pet will pollinate all kinds of crops. The growers will get great crops as a result, so you will be very popular with them. And your pet gets to feed for free on yummy nectar! (You can use this skill on your own or with others.)

Create all kinds of beautiful images with your pet as it sews and stitches. (You can use this skill on your own or with others.)
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