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A guide to your page - for new users

If you have adopted a pet and you can't find your own page, it's simple; click the 'My family' button in the menu. But what a lot of detail there is on your page! What is it all for?

This video tells you what everything does. After viewing this video, you will know which buttons activate which features, and if you need any information about how to use them, you'll know exactly which one and why.


Since this video was made, we have upgraded the site considerably. The main differences to the content shown are:

  • The 'troll' button has become a 'folder' icon with a red triangle on it.
  • The blue and green 'bird' icons have now been removed. A 'scribbling spider' icon has replaced one of them.
  • The 'T' (for 'text advice') icon is now always present on your own page.
  • Shapes are no longer sold in different sizes; pets, foods, drinks and gems are still sold in different sizes.

If you have problems with the video, try this link.

The video controls are at the bottom; scroll down if you cannot see them.