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Welcome to Pets 'n' Friends ...
... where the pets are virtual, but the friends are real!
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Pets 'n' Friends Group

The PnF Facebook group is a friendly place where you can look at art posted by the members, get answers to your technical queries and just have fun with nice people! We get drama about once every two years, so we're setting our clocks for 2017 in case it happens again. In the meanwhile, come on over and have fun!

We ask people to apply for membership for one reason: we allow members to make posts, so we have to keep out spammers. If you have adopted a pet, contact one of our moderators (selected from the most helpful users in the group) and tell them about your pet. Then you have a right to enter the group and join the fun!


The rules exist only to prevent drama.

1. Promote general love and friendship.

Joining this group means you agree with our basic premise. While we appreciate that everyone has bad days and bad moods we would like to keep this group positive, open, and fun for all. But you can still tell us you're having a bad day so that we can give you lots of hugs, love, and encouragement!

2. All members agree to be drama abolitionists.

This means that as a member, to the best of your ability you will take personality conflicts, issues with other group members, and grief with other members outside of the group into private conversations between the offended parties. If however you cannot contact the person via private inbox message (because of privacy settings) please bring the issue to one of the admins attention via private inbox message and we will make every effort to help with the issue. Attacks on other people (either spoken or alluded to) will not be allowed. Also, as a member of this group you may not block any of the admins; we all must be able to message (via private inbox or post to your wall) any member at any time when required, if you do block an admin then you will be removed from the group immediately.

3. If you want to add your friends---

please message them first and ask them to come to us. We DON'T want people added to the group that don't want to be here, or have no idea why they suddenly have 100 notifications from some group they were not aware of, please be courteous about this.

4. Everyone is welcome to make art.

Admins have the right to move ANY art that is inappropriate.

5. If you have an event or a contest from another group ---

or if you just want to advertise about a new group then please forward all information via a private inbox message to a PnF admin for approval. Any posting of non PnF group material that has not been pre-approved will be removed immediately. All approved announcements will be then posted by a PnF admin.

6. Other games.

Posts bearing art from other games or information about other games are not allowed. Fluff images are welcome in various other Facebook groups. We recommend "Jay and Puddle's Cocktail bar".

7. Lists.

Members shall not post (either in the PnF Facebook Group or on the MSP forum) lists of users' names or links, unless those named have given their permission to be included.

8. Trading.

Now the forum has been established and we have posted advice on how to use it, please do all your trading on the forum. We are glad that users are now trading, but the forum is the best place to do it. This Facebook group can then specialise in covering all your other needs. If you are nervous about forum trading, please contact one of our moderators and (subject to availability) we will provide someone to trade on your behalf.

9. Swearing.

Please remember that this group welcomes minors. The Pets 'n' Friends app has a swearing filter which replaces a wide range of expletives with '****'. If you can't say it in the app, we would like you not to say it here, either. Feel free to be creative if life is "^"^"$^$"^"%"&*(&* getting you down!

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