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Your daily login bonus!

The 'Weather Game' is a feature which only appears in the 'stand alone' version of "Pets 'n' Friends". The 'day' begins at midnight GMT (the same time system as the Gallery page). Each day, the first time you are logged in to the stand alone site and visit your 'My Pets' page, you should see a Weather Report:

  • The Weather Girl
    There are seven different butterflies who present the weather. Hover the Weather Girl to see her name, a weather report, and a description of your login gifts. The weather your pet experienced today may be quite unlike the weather experienced by anyone else's pet. PnF is a big place. Not all the pets live near to one another! She will tell you about the wind speed, rainfall and snowfall (if there was any). Then she will briefly announce your gifts, which will also appear in your 'App Gifts' tab. These may be:
    • Nothing extra.
    • A weather-related image.
    • A butterfly, in size 4, 7, 10 or full size!

  • The thermometer.
    If this shows a temperature above zero, you will receive as many Frank 'n' Cents as degrees above zero. If it is below zero, you will receive as many Silver Moles as it is BELOW zero. Hover the thermometer to see the maximum and minimum temperatures.

  • The barometer.
    This shows five different symbols. Hover it to see an enlarged version with the actual pressure in inches of Mercury!

  • Your gifts.
    At the bottom right you will see either a Frank 'n' Cent or a Silver Mole. If you have won anything else, you will see this superimposed on the coin.

  • The News.
    When you hover over "Missy's News Network", you will see a visual report about something which recently happened in PnF. The news YOU see may not be the news your friends see; it is randomly selected from a variety of possible news items! Click the link to see the latest MNN news, or the image to get more details about the specific event.

More about your gifts
The butterflies are rare prizes and very valuable. They can be sold in the Seasonal section of the Mall. If you are lucky enough to win a size 10 or Full Size butterfly you may get a very good price. They will remain 'seasonal' for as long as we use these butterflies as Weather Girls. Though the Weather Game began in May 2016, it is likely that they will continue to be prizes well into 2018.

The other weather-related prizes can also be sold in the Seasonal section of the Mall. As the seasons change, you will begin to see new prizes you have never seen before.

This game has been made possible by an enormous effort of all the talents who support the game; programmers, artists, writers, promo artists, and admin as testers. It will continue to require a lot of input from them all. We hope you will see something entertaining and maybe even memorable each day, as well as getting a nice thank you for using our stand alone site!

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