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The Adventures of Scaredy Cat
Celebrating Slugs
Scaredy Cat and Bob were at the park having a picnic when a strange thing happened. Out of nowhere, pink slugs started showing up. They were everywhere! There were slugs climbing in the trees. There were slugs crawling all over the grass. There was a large mushroom with slugs all over it! And even worse, there was a slug on top of their hats! Bob picked up one of the slugs to talk to it and that slug was terrified! Where did they all come from? Why are they here? How long will they be around? Scaredy Cat probably wouldn't be so upset about this if it weren't for the fact that they left a path of pink ooze wherever they went - including on his fur as it made it's way to the top of his hat. Is it time to go home yet?

This week we're celebrating "The Slugs Return From Capistrano Day", which takes place on May 28th of each year. It’s the little-known sister day to the Swallows Return to Capistrano Day. On March 19 every year, migratory swallows return to their perch in La Misión de San Juan Capistrano. And the people rejoice. But the slugs shudder. That swarm of birds is hungry after their long flight! So the slugs all leave, heading back to the gardens they abandoned last fall. Being slugs, they move kind of slowly. It takes them about two months to make the trek back. How will YOU celebrate the return of the slug? Will you throw them a small garden party? It probably couldn't be very big since they aren't very big themselves. Will you invite them to tea where you can serve tasty finger sandwiches and some sweet fairy cakes with pots of hot tea? Maybe your pet will want to teach one how to help care for the garden. Or maybe, like Scaredy Cat, your pet will wonder how long they'll be here and when are they leaving? This should be a fun and interesting week with all the slugs hanging around!!

Here's the basics:
*Your submission MUST be related to the theme .
*You must submit your art to the PnF art gallery - only entries there will be counted.
* Put “Celebrating Slugs” in the title or description
* The entry with the most votes will be declared the winner.
* To vote, click the "vote" button - you may vote for as many entries as you want
* Voting will be open immediately
* This challenge will be open from now until around 12:00am GMT June 2nd (around 8:00pm Tuesday night in the USA).
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