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Found: 624 images.

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3 Shelf Trophy Cabinet (Blue)

3 Shelf Trophy Cabinet (Brown)

Active Bronze Fruit Machine Portal

Allure of the Mysterious Stump

Ancient Bare Tree

Ancient Fairy Ruins

Antiqued Memories in Green

Antique Gold Frame

Antique Gold Frame (Squared)

Apple Blossom Overlay

Aquamarine Frozen Pond

Aquamarine Ice Rink

Aquamarine Water Overlay

Aquarium Marbles Overlay

Arctic River

Artist Gallery

A Spider’s Web

Australia Outline (decorative)

Australia Outline (geography)

Australia Sign (walkabout)

Autumn Breeze

Autumn Darkness

Autumn's Paintbrush

Autumn's Palette

Autumn's Winding Road

Azurite Stalagnate (Murky Cavern)

Azurite Walls (Murky Cavern)

Bamboo Overlay

Bare Branch

Bare Tree

Bare Tree Forest

Barren Winter Hills

Basement of the Mystical Lunar Cottage

Bat Shapes

Beauty Magazine Overlay

Beaver Back Hill

Beaver Front Hill

Beaver Middle Hill

Beaver Mountains

Berry Dreams Forest

Binoculars Overlay

Black and White Checkered Floor Overlay

Black and White Checkered Hallway Overlay

Black And White Christmas Card/Background

Black Cutout

Black Mist Effect

Black Overlay Effect

Black Sock Overlay

Black Spider

Black Sweater Overlay

Black Town Overlay 1

Black Town Overlay 2

Black Town Overlay 3

Black Town Overlay 4

Blank Filmstrip

Blank Filmstrip (Bent)

Blank Filmstrip (Curvy)

Blossoms Array (Pink)

Blossoms Array (Purple)

Blossoms Array (Royal Velvet)

Blue Bubble Border

Blue Bubble Overlay

Blue Cutout

Blue Dots

Blue Full Moon Treeline

Blue Gothic Window

Blue Horizon in Bubble Land (Overlay)

Blue Ice Border

Blue Light Bokeh

Blue Midnight Forest Fruit Machine (Start)

Blue Overlay

Blue Scroll 1

Blue Scroll 2

Blue Snow 1

Blue Snow 2

Blue Street Overlay

Blue Town Overlay

Bordeaux Cutout

Breaking Dawn (Pink)

Breaking Dawn (Purple)

Break of Dawn Beech Tree

Brick Road (close-up)

Brick Road (distant)

Bright Violet Cutout

Broken Boardwalk

Broken Promises Tombstone Overlay

Brown Scroll 1

Brown Scroll 2

Bubblegum Clouds

Bulrush Field

Butterfly Migration

Call of the Twisted Amethyst Archway

Canadian White Sky Effect

Candy Coated Valley Overlay

Card Shark Pups

Carousel Green and White Tent

Carousel Purple and White Tent

Castle All A Glitter

Cave Opening

Cavern Entrance

Cavern Hourglass

Cavern Stalactites

Chameleon Overlay

Cherry Blossom Overlay

Christmas 2015 Fruit Machine (Closed)

Christmas 2015 Fruit Machine (Open)

Classic Picket Fence

Cloud Effect 3

Clouds Allowed

Clover All Over

Clover Gone Wild

Cobalt Water Overlay

Cobblestone Patio

Colour My World Overlay

Confetti 1

Confetti 2

Confetti 5

Coral Cluster Reef

Coral Overlay

Cottage Window Overlay

Cottage Window Snowflake Overlay

Country Fairy Cottage

Creeping Mist (Misty Haunted Wood)

Crimson Dusk Beech Tree

Cumulus Clouds Overlay

Curtain of Rain

Dark Grey Mist Effect

Dark Grey Overlay Effect

Dark Walnut Frame (Squared)

Dark Wooden Frame

Dark Wooden Frame (Squared)

Dawn Overlay 1

Dawn Overlay 2

Dawn Overlay 3

Dawn Overlay 4

Daylight Forest

Daylight's Grove Beech Tree

Dazzling Fireworks Overlay

Decorated Eggs Cluster (Cool)

Decorated Eggs Cluster (Warm)

Decrepit Fairy Mine

Deep End Of the Pool

Deep Purple Desert Hills

Deep Purple Mountains

Denmark, National Flag

Dense White Mist Effect

Dense White Overlay Effect

Desert Camels

Desert Dunes (distant)

Desert Dunes (high)

Desert Dunes (low)

Designer Portico Overlay

Distant Foggy Mountain Valleys

Distant Moon (Hunter's Moon Rising)

Distant Pines (Hunter's Moon Rising)

Dolphins Porpoising (Daytime)

Dolphins Porpoising (Nighttime)

Dramatic Blue Sky Effect

Dramatic White Sky Effect

Dripping Honey

Ducks At Dawn

Dungeon Cell Overlay (Inside)

Dungeon Cells Overlay (Outside)

Easter Fruit Machine

Easter Fruit Machine Spinning

Eerie Trees (Misty Haunted Wood)

Effervescent Bubbles (Grey Blue)

Effervescent Bubbles (Mauve)

Effervescent Bubbles (Solid Blue)

Egg Outline (Black Field)

Egg Outline (Field Scene)

Egg Outline (White Field)

Enchanted Mist

Enduring Evergreens

Ethereal Blue Snow Mist

Exterior Shop Window Overlay

Faint Stars

Fairy Tudor of Yore

Fallen Fairy Stones

Fallen Leaves Overlay

Falling Leaf Overlay

False Harvest Floral Display

Fancy Frame (Gold)

Fancy Frame (Silver)

Faroe Islands, Flag

Filigree, Gold

Film Strip

Fireworks Overlay

Flag of Alberta

Flag of British Columbia

Flag of Canada

Flag of Manitoba

Flag of New Brunswick

Flag of Newfoundland & Labrador

Flag of Northwest Territories

Flag of Nova Scotia

Flag of Nunavut

Flag of Ontario

Flag of Prince Edward Island

Flag of Quebec

Flag of Saskatchewan

Flag of Turkey, waving

Flag of Yukon

Flagstone Patio

Flock of Herons

Floral Curlicue Design, Gold

Flower Garden

Fluffy Heart Clouds

Flying Bats

Flying Ducks

Foggy Mountain Range

Food Kiosks (Closing Time) (Fruit Machine)

Food Kiosks (Open For Business) (Fruit Machine)

Frosted Azure Waterfall

Frosted Cottage Window Overlay

Frosty Butterflies

Frosty & Floral

Frosty Mauve Flower

Frosty Townhouse Facades

Frosty Tree

Frosty Window

Frosty Windowframe

Fruit Machine (Handle Down)

Fruit Machine (Handle Up)

Fruit Machine Monster 2015 (Arm Down)

Fruit Machine Monster 2015 (Arm Up)

Fruit Machine: Puzzle Pandemonium

Fruit Machine: Puzzle Pandemonium (Spinning)

Fruit Machine Rain Forest Closed

Fruit Machine Rain Forest Open

Full Trophy Cabinet (Blue)

Full Trophy Cabinet (Brown)

Gallery Wall Posters

Gem City

Gingerbread Outline (Black)

Gingerbread Outline (White )

Glory of Autumn Grass

Glory of Autumn Treeline 1

Glory of Autumn Treeline 2

Golden Brown Cutout

Golden Geese

Grain Overlay, Growing Stronger

Grain Overlay, Halfway There

Grain Overlay, Looking Good

Grain Overlay, Seeds Are Planted

Grain Overlay, Soon We Can Harvest

Grain Overlay, Welcome Sprouts

Grandma's Attic (Finish)

Grandma's Attic (Start)

Grass Effect 1

Grass Effect 2

Grass Effect 3

Grass Effect 4

Grass Effect 5

Grass Effect With Pond

Grassy Reptile Carpet

Green Bubble Border

Green Classroom Perspective Ceiling Overlay

Green Classroom Side Wall

Green Classroom Side Wall Window Overlay

Green Classroom Straight Ceiling Overlay

Green Cutout

Green Full Moon Treeline

Green Game Table

Green Goo Dripping

Green Gothic Window

Green Grass Overlay

Green Hillock Overlay

Green Overlay

Green Scroll 1

Green Scroll 2

Green Snow Mist

Green Spider

Grey Overlay

Grey Spider

Greystone Castle Wall Fruit Machine (finish)

Greystone Castle Wall Fruit Machine (start)

Greystone Castle Wall With Arched Window

Grey Street Overlay

Growing Foliage

Hannah's Winds of Change

Happy Birthday, Gold

Haze of the Lone Spindly Tree

Herbaceous Aqua Overlay

Herbaceous Blue Overlay

Herbaceous Gold Overlay

Herbaceous Green Overlay

Herbaceous Purple Overlay

Herbaceous Red Overlay

Herbaceous Yellow Overlay

Hexagon Jive Room in Pink (With a View)

Hills of the Solemn River

Hollow Tree House

Home For The Holidays Garland

Honeycomb Frame

Honeycomb, Gold

Honey Jar Home (Back)

Honey Jar Home (Front)

Hot Pink Town Overlay

Icicle Border

Icicle Curtain

Icy Mountains Habitat

Inactive Bronze Fruit Machine Portal

Industrial Chic Window

Instant Dandelions

Instant Rays 1

Instant Rays 2

Instant Rays 3

Instant Rays 4

Isn't Fall Just Peachy

Italy 2021 Album Page

Italy City Skyline (panoramic)

Italy City Skyline (standard)

Ivy Garden Trellis

Japanese Tearoom Overlay

jars overlay 2018 2

Lapping Waves

Large Pumpkin Outline (Black Field)

Leaf Border 1

Leaf Border 2

Leaf Border 3

Leaf Border 4

Leaf Border 5

Leafy Blanket

Light Wooden Frame

Light Wooden Frame (Squared)

Lilac Petal Overlay

Lilac Town Overlay

Lily Pad Pond

Lily Pad Pond (Overlay)

Lime Green Town Overlay

London Night Skyline Overlay

Lovebirds, Gold

Love Spell

Luxury Fairy Castle

Map of the Americas

Map of the USA

Map of Turkey with principal towns

Martian Storm Hills

Mauve Water Overlay

Medium Grey Mist Effect

Medium Grey Overlay Effect

Mid Grey Cutout

Midnight Walk Beech Tree

Modern Grey Frame

Modern Grey Frame (Squared)

Mount Silver

Muddy Floor (Murky Cavern)

Mushroom Cottage Overlay

Mystical Lunar Cottage

Mystic Mist Lagoon

Natural Timber Bench Top

Nature's Grove

New York Night Skyline Overlay

Norway, National Flag

Ocean Surf

Olive (I Love) Fall

On the Inside Looking Out

On the Outside Looking In

Open Garage Door

Orange Cutout

Over the Hill

Paris Night Skyline Overlay

Passing Showers

Pastel Green Cutout

Pastel Peach Cutout

Pastel Winter Rainbow

Peagreen Cutout

Pea Overlay, After A Few Days

Pea Overlay, Flowering

Pea Overlay, Flowers Forming

Pea Overlay, Looking Healthy

Pea Overlay, Pea Sprouts

Pea Overlay, Soon There Will Be Peas

Peayellow Cutout

Peek-a-Boo Tombstone Overlay

Petals In the Wind (Window)

Petective Clean Desk Overlay

Petective Covered Desk Overlay

Petective Desk Drawer Overlay

pet overlay 1

pet overlay 10

pet overlay 2

pet overlay 3

pet overlay 4

pet overlay 5

pet overlay 6

pet overlay 7

pet overlay 8

pet overlay 9

Pine Hill (Hunter's Moon Rising)

Pine Tree, Blue, Overlay

Pine Tree, Grey, Overlay

Pine Valley Silhouette (Hunter's Moon Rising)

Pink and Purple Bubble Border

Pink Cutout

Pink Desert Hills

Pink Overlay

Pink Scroll 1

Pink Scroll 2

Pink Snow Mist

Pink Street Overlay

Plain White Vinyl Window Overlay

PnF Games 2016 Fruit Machine (Spinning)

PnF Games 2016 Fruit Machine (Spun)

PnF Veterinary Hospital

PnF Veterinary Hospital Theatre

Polka Border 1

Polka Border 2

Polka Border 3

Polka Border 4

Pool Party (Everybody Out)

Pool Party (Jump In)

Precious Blue Winter Blooms

Pretty in Pink Beech Tree

Pumpkin Outline (Pumpkin Field)

Pure Blue Cutout

Pure Green Cutout

Pure Red Cutout

Pure Yellow Cutout

Purple Blue Overlay

Purple Classroom Perspective Ceiling Overlay

Purple Classroom Side Wall

Purple Classroom Side Wall Window Overlay

Purple Classroom Straight Ceiling Overlay

Purple Clouds

Purple Cutout

Purple Dots

Purple Full Moon Treeline

Purple Gothic Window

Purple Ink Overlay

Purple Mountains

Purple Overlay

Purple Scroll 1

Purple Scroll 2

Purple Town Overlay

Rainbow Dust Effect

Rainbow Grid

Rainbow Hued Lightning

Rainbow's Trail

Raindrops are Falling on my Head

Raindrops on Windows

Rainforest Canopy

Rain Rain Go Away

Rainy Day Overlay

Red Cutout

Red Full Moon Treeline

Red Scroll 1

Red Scroll 2

Red Swirly Grass Overlay

Reflected Ducks At Dawn

Relaxing Lavender Beech Tree

Rising Tide

River's Edge

Roaring Rapids

Rocky Reptile Carpet

Rolling Hills

Rolling Hills Overlay (Green)

Rolling Hills Overlay (Pink)

Rolling Hills Overlay (Purple)

Room Overlay

Rose Buds, Gold

Rose-Colored Clouds (Large)

Rose-Colored Clouds (Small)

Round Pumpkin Outline (Black Field)

Saber-Tooth Glacier Overlay

Savannah Overlay

School Fruit Machine (Finish)

School Fruit Machine (Start)


Scrapbook Page (Antique)

Scrapbook Page (Archive)

Seafoam Water Overlay

Seagulls Overlay

Shadowed Forest

Shadowed Mountains

Shoji Screen Overlay

Silver Deep Drawer

Silver Medium Drawer

Silver Narrow Drawer

Silver Slim Drawer

Singing in the Rain

Single Trophy Cabinet Shelf (Blue)

Single Trophy Cabinet Shelf (Brown)

Sleeping Winter Grass


Snowfall's Crest (Distant Trees)

Snowfall's Crest (Tree Trunks)

Snowing 1

Snowing 2

Snowing 3

Snow Storm

Snowy Blue Overlay

Snowy BluePurple Overlay

Snowy Foreground Overlay

Snowy Mid Purple Overlay

Snowy Purple Overlay

Socks On the Line

Soft Azure Lake

Soft Azure Sloped Waterfall

Soft Azure Stepped Waterfall

Softly Hued Lightning

Spider Border 2015

Spider Border 2016

Spider Corner Border

Spider Rainbow

Spooky Forest Overlay

Spooky Homes Overlay (Dark Teal)

Spooky Homes Overlay (Midnight)

Spooky Homes Overlay (Red Brown)

Spring Grass Mound

Spruced-Up Poinsettia Garland

Stage Curtain Overlay

Stage Curtains Open

Stage With Curtain Overlay


Storm Clouds Overlay

Stormy Sea

Stormy Seas

Stormy Sea Tree Line

Storybook Effect

Storybook Overlay

Street Lights Off

Street Lights On

Stubby Bottle (Black)

Stubby Bottle (White)

Sugar Rush Bus (Closed)

Sugar Rush Bus (Open)

Summer Treehouse Overlay

Sunny Meadow (Grass Accent)

Sunny Meadow Habitat

Sunny Meadow (Sky Accent)

Surfboard Outline (Black Field)

Surfboard Outline (Waves Field)

Swamp Grass Overlay

Sweden, National Flag

Swirly Swamp Grass Overlay

Swirly Yellow Grass Overlay

Table Overlay for Chanoyu Tearoom

Tainted Fairy Swamp

Tall Bottle (Black)

Tall Bottle (White)

Teal Bubble Border

Teal Cutout

Teal Midnight Forest Fruit Machine (Finish)

Teal Pond Overlay

Teal Water Effect

Teal Water Overlay

Teal Wavy Water Overlay

The Empty Tomb Overlay

The Freshly Dug Grave Overlay

The Grey Sweater Of Boredom

The Lone Spindly Tree

The Mysterious Stump

The Off-White Sweater Of Boredom

The Runaway Occupant Overlay

The Shallow Grave Overlay

The Solemn River

Thin Black Frame

Thin Black Frame (Squared)

Toll Bridge, Troll Bridge

Toronto Night Skyline Overlay

Tower Overlay

Transantarctic Mountains Overlay

Transparent Tank Overlay

Trilliant Island Overlay

Trophy Cabinet Divider (Blue)

Trophy Cabinet Divider (Brown)

Trophy Cabinet Fancy Topper (Blue)

Trophy Cabinet Fancy Topper (Brown)

Trophy Cabinet Single Fancy Shelf (Blue)

Trophy Cabinet Single Fancy Shelf (Brown)

Trophy Cabinet Single Shelf (Blue)

Trophy Cabinet Single Shelf (Brown)

Tunnel Entrances (Murky Cavern)

Turquoise Water Overlay

Twisted Amethyst Archway

Twisted Fairy Tower

Valley Between the Hills

Verdant Mountains

Verdant Summer Grass

Verdant Summer Treeline 1

Verdant Summer Treeline 2

Vibrant Hills

View Of the Hills Overlay

Violet Dreams Beech Tree

Visitors Welcome Gravesite Overlay

Waves of the Mystic Mist Lagoon

White Cutout

White Ice Border

White Lightning

White Mist Effect

White Overlay Effect

White Scroll 1

White Scroll 2

White Sock Overlay

White Sweater Overlay

Winding Snowy Road

Winding Snowy Road (Snowdrifts)

Winding Snowy Road (Tracks)

Winding Snowy Road (Trees)

Window Glass Overlay

Windswept Snowbank

Winter Colours Room

Winter Room Fruit Machine (Pets Awake)

Winter Room Fruit Machine (Pets Napping)

Winter's Decorations

Winter Sky, Day

Winter Snow Flakes Falling

Winter Tartan Table Top

Winter Tartan Table Top 2

Wispy Spring Grass Overlay

Wood Grain Deep Drawer

Wood Grain Medium Drawer

Wood Grain Narrow Drawer

Wood Grain Slim Drawer

Wrought Iron Fence (curved)

Wrought Iron Fence (straight)

Wrought Iron Gate

Yasmeen’s Artisan Aquarium

Yellow Full Moon Treeline

Yellow Scroll 1

Yellow Scroll 2

Yellow Town Overlay

Copyright conditions for game users

Version 1.03: 10th June 2015

  • "Image" shall refer to art provided by "Pets 'n' Friends". "Picture" shall refer to art created by the use of the "Pets 'n' Friends" image editor. "Signature" shall refer to art used in the MSP forum. "Video" refers to any form of video which includes "pictures".
  • 1. Users may create signatures for use on the MSP forum and in the 'My Pets' page 'Welcome' section by hand, or using any software they own or have legitimate access to. To fit the overlay version of the 'Welcome' section they should be 630 pixels wide by 300 high, or smaller. Pictures reproduced anywhere else must be created using the PnF image editor, and the game should be acknowledged.
  • 2. Pictures created using the PnF image editor may be reproduced by users, whether they created the picture or they are posting pictures created by others, on any platform where the game can be played, and on the MSP forum. This specifically includes using the Facebook share, like and comment buttons. Pictures may be reproduced on other social sites for the purpose of sharing your enjoyment of the game. This may not under any circumstances include commercial use of any kind. If the user is unclear, they should seek advice on the MSP forum from the PnF game administrator, "lisa".
  • 3. MSP shall consider selling PnF image-bearing goods as and when PnF app membership makes this viable; users must not seek to create their own products using game images, pictures or signatures.
  • 4. Users who create and sell signatures in the forum should not seek or accept reward in other forms than game items (golden moles, silver moles, images, etc. are allowed) and are specifically required not to sell signatures for money.
  • 5. Users must not trade in-game ownership of images for money or for any form of payment external to the game.
  • 6. We do not permit our images to be altered for any purpose except creating forum signatures.
  • 7. Users agree that MSP may use any picture created using the PnF image editor for promotional purposes.
  • 8. Users take sole responsibility for the legality of any picture they create using the PnF image editor in all jurisdictions.

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