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Chamaeleon the Stardust Unicorn (female)
Adopted: 2018-07-22.

Alpha Centauri is home to a most unique and lovely creature, the Stardust Unicorn. Gentle in demeanor, graceful in flight, curious and mischievous, the Stardust Unicorn roams among the stars.
Although their exact origins are unknown, the gleam of stardust on their blushing pink coats speaks of sipping moonlight, and basking in the wake of a passing star shooting through the sky.
Glittering rings of mystical energy encircle the single golden horn, reflecting a sparkle in the eye that should remind every pet they meet that mischief is their favorite pastime!

Chamaeleon lives here!

Chamaeleon's Skills

Find Food

Skill: 4218
Best: 5305
Level 242102

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