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This pet is the greeter!
why.way the Escaped Aye-Aye (female)
Birthday: 2018-06-19 Adopted: 2018-06-19.

Skill: 1250 (Raw Recruit)

Mood: 300 (Braking)

Best: 0 r.p.m.

Lucky to have broken free from Dr. Rat Finkensen’s lab this little aye-aye is now on the loose in PnF. Consider yourself warned as this little critter may be a bit deranged and has a habit of peeking through windows to find a new home and tasty treats snack upon. Those glowing green eyes are certain to hypnotise anyone into doing exactly what this lil aye-aye wants. You may wish to draw your blinds tightly shut tonight unless you want to give up your bed and find your kitchen pantry empty come morning.

why.way's Skills

Find Food

Turns to go:
10 of 10

Skill: 2715
Best: 3466
Level 181120

This pet has not made any achievements yet.

why.way lives here!

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