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All about the fruit machine!

-- or take a tour of the feeding game!

To use the fruit machine, just feed a pet and click on the image of the fruit machine at the bottom of the feeding overlay (you may have to scroll down). Even if you have already fed the pet and it says it is out, the link to the fruit machine will still appear. You will also find the fruit machine in the drop down menu system.

Using the fruit machine currently costs 50 Frank 'n' Cents per spin. You will win limited edition prizes!

To see the winning combinations: (desktops, laptops) hover the message 'Hover here'; (mobiles, tablets) click the + at the end of the message 'Click here', which appears in the same place.

You will then see a chart like this. Each month there is a special set of 'spin' images, in this case a blob of paint in 21 different colours. Each month there will be one special 'win' image, usually multi coloured, like a rainbow. The chart shows you how combinations of images will win you one kind of prize or another.

Click 'change images' to get pet images instead of the monthly special images.

Click 'change images' again to get gem images instead of pet images.

Click 'change images' again to get back to the monthly special images. (You can play with any of the three sets of 'spin' images selected). To play the game, click anywhere in the main picture and you will see the 'spin' images spin until they settle to show the result. If you do not want to see the animation (which takes time), click the brown coin at bottom left. In both cases, the main image will change until the result is shown.

When the images stop spinning, the main picture will go back to its original state, and you will see your result. In this case, all three 'spin' images are wins! So you get the top prize; a full sized adoptable pet image!

Three of a kind will win you a size 10 adoptable pet pose OR a size 10 cocktail image. Cocktail images can be sized up in the Swap Shop.

In this case, three of a kind won a size 10 pet image. Pet images cannot be 'sized up'.

Two 'win' images and any other image wins you a size 7 adoptable pet image.

Two of a kind and one win image will win you a size 7 cocktail image.

Two of a kind will win you a size 4 cocktail image.

No win? You get a size 4 prize from a monthly selection, typically 15 in all, as displayed in the Antiques section of the Mall. Sizing these up in the Swap Shop is great fun!

Instead of a size 4 prize, a 'no win' may get you a jigsaw piece. These can be used to complete jigsaws and win a different set of prizes, old or new, in the Jigsaw Game.

One 'win' image will get you FIVE of an item from monthly selection in size 4. You're nearly half way to sizing up to size 7, which takes 12 images!

Sometimes you randonly get five jigsaw pieces instead of the monthly items - a big step towards a Jigsaw prize.

How do you lose? You don't. The fruit machine is all win, and there are a new set of prizes every month!

Have you taken our tour of the feeding game?