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Sea and Sun
Taylan Alper
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Filliper the Dauntless Dolphin (male)
Birthday: 2018-06-01 Adopted: 2018-06-01.

Skill: 1250 (Raw Recruit)

Mood: 300 (Snoozing)

Best: 0.00 miles

Sleight of flipper. Now you see it; now you don’t. What did Dauntless Dolphin do with that pretty pink shell? Wait. Look in your pocket. How did that dolphin get the shell in there? A clever trick indeed!

Even more impressive are Dauntless Dolphin’s undersea acrobatic stunts. One of his favorite routines is to arrange his hoops in a large arc. After dazzling his audience with a dexterous display of leaps, loops, tumbles, and jumps, he disappears. After a suspenseful interval, he reappears in two or three separate places in his arc of hoops. Dauntless Dolphin, a rising star in oceanic performing arts, is currently negotiating a contract with Cirque de Mer. Not even the most advanced illusionists can figure out how he sets fire to his underwater hoops and suspends visiting land animals in air bubbles.

Dauntless Dolphin has earned accolades for his marine exploration work. He has discovered and mapped numerous undersea trenches, ridges, shelves, caverns, vents, and volcanoes. He also specializes in shipwrecks and submerged archaeological ruins. He led scientists to discover a mysterious ancient Greek astrolabe as well as the coelacanth, a fish humans thought was extinct, but was really a long-time friend of the dolphin community.

To fuel his inquisitive mind and passion for discovery, Dauntless Dolphin is working with Funky Monkey to design and build underwater propulsion machines and deep ocean submersibles. The dolphin’s secret workshop is a treasure trove of inventor’s schematics, undersea maps, salvaged artifacts, and designs for new performance tricks. Undersea scholars and illusion aficionados are eager to see what ideas Dauntless Dolphin comes up with next.

Filliper's other achievements

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