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Roxanne the Newton Nessie (female)
Birthday: 2020-03-19 Adopted: 2020-03-19.

Skill: 1250 (Raw Recruit)

Mood: 300 (Freezing)

Best: 262.08 metres

Your challenger!

Little is known in Nessie society about the world above the water, or as it is referred to in Nessie lore, Supra Aqueous. Most Nessies dwell in the in the murky depths of Loch Ness and dispute the very existence of Supra Aqueous. Never one to go along with the crowd, Newton Nessie has spent countless hours floating on the surface of the water, observing the surrounding hills, the odd stone structures, and what appears to be living creatures moving above the water. He meticulously documents his field observations and cross-references them with texts of sightings from previous generations.

Newton Nessie’s most treasured possession is the ancient Terra Codex, a detailed record of different categories of living creatures in Supra Aqueous: crawling fish, flying fish, furry four-fins, and very odd two-fins with scales of all colours. Newton Nessie is convinced that there are different categories of Supra Aquean creatures because he has seen some of the two-fins and flying fish himself. Even though he was laughed to scorn when he tried to share his findings at the Science Academy at the bottom of the loch, Newton Nessie dedicates most of his time to studying Supra Aqueous in hopes that, someday, he will be able to make contact with these alien creatures and discover more about their world.

Roxanne's 'Power Pets' achievements:

20th April 2020

6th place in Diving:Champions. Link

Roxanne lives here!

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