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Chamaeleon & Co love pink!!!

& Nipper

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Nipper the Cheeky Chihuahua (male)

Adopted: 2018-04-04.

Quiero ser tu amigo! I want to be your friend! Your travel size buddy!! I can fit in a purse or pocket, or even a suitcase (as long as you don't close the lid)! I can travel by train, plane, car or boat (don't worry, I am a proficient dog paddler!)
I'm named after Chihuahua, Mexico, where my ancestors lived for hundreds (some say thousands) of years!
Can't you tell how excited I am to see you? I'm shaking, I'm shivering, I'm barking with delight! Just let me get my sweater, in case the weather turns cold ...

Nipper lives here!

Nipper's Skills

Find Food

Skill: 1094
Best: 1303
Level 267

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