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Selling limited edition goods

PnF enables users to trade for things they want instead of buying them. Three types of images can be bought from or sold to other users in the Mall:

  • Antiques - images the game will never sell direct to players again.
  • Seasonal goods - these will either be on sale or winnable in future, but infrequently.
  • Sizeable goods - these must be created in the Swap Shop. It is quicker to buy them from other users.

Antiques and Seasonal goods each have their own section in the Mall. Sizeable goods may be in either. Players can sell them for Gold or Silver Moles, whichever they prefer. If you would rather haggle, you can also trade in the MSP forum or the Trading and More for Pets 'n' Friends FB group.

There are two ways to put goods on sale in the Mall. Both of them use these icons:



1)When you are viewing the Antiques section or the Seasonal section of the Mall, you can click one of these icons, which appear whenever you have one or more of the item you are viewing.

2) One of the above icons will appear on your inventory page whenever an item is Antique or Seasonal. Click it to make a sale.

More about limited edition goods

Antiques are limited edition images which can only be bought from their existing owners. They include fruit machine prizes and "era" items. Currently items from the Ice Age and Stone Age eras are Antiques. Later, Bronze Age items (currently still on sale in the Mall) will also becomes Antiques.

Most seasonal items have previously been "On sale" in the Mall. When not in season, they can be traded between users in the same way as Antiques. Some will reappear in the Mystery Boxes; specific advice is provided about each item.

If seasonal items are made "On sale" in the Mall again, they will appear at their original prices. After a period of re-release, they will then become seasonal again, or be re-assigned as Antiques.

Large-sized gems, foods, drinks (and some decorations) can be created in the Swap Shop. They can then be traded for.


Use the Escrow tab in the Shopping Center menu to review your limited edition sales, to check the items you have on offer, or to withdraw them from sale. You can also see a 30-day history of limited edition sales, purchases, offers and withdrawals by selecting the Escrow tab on your inventory page.

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