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PnF Currencies

--- and how you can get them!

To add these PnF currencies to your wish list, just click on the scroll icons, below!

Wish for
silver moles:
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platinum paws:

How much have I got?

To see your currency balances (and your payment record), click the golden mole icon in the toolbar. Click it again to remove the overlay.

Silver Moles

Silver moles (SM) can be used to buy things in the the Mall, the (edible) Food Shop and some items in the Décor Center. You can win them in the Shake Paws game. To play 'Shake Paws', just go to another user's page, click the paw icon (see below), and you (and they!) get 1 SM each!

Buy 100 Silver Moles for 1 Golden Mole!

You have 0 Golden Moles and 0 Silver Moles.

Buy x100 for

You cannot afford this item yet.

Golden Moles

Golden Moles (GM) are the premium currency of Pets 'n' Friends. You can use them in most of the shops. You can buy them from the developers, but you can also earn them by selling rare items in the Antique or Seasonal sections of the Mall. You can also get GM by asking for them in your wish list - just click the scroll icon bearing a golden mole image, above.

Frank 'n' Cents

Frank 'n' Cents (FnC) are special coins won in the Feeding Game. Each time you feed another user's pet you will receive Frank 'n' Cents as a reward; how many you get will depend on how much the pet liked the food. If you are the first person to feed that food to the pet, you get a 12 FnC bonus!

You can use FnC in the Fruit Machine. Each spin costs 50 FnC. In return you will get random prizes, anything from a size 4 decoration to a full sized pet! Some items in the Mall can also be bought for FnC.

FnC can also be bought from the developers. You can give large amounts of FnC to other users by buying a Jawbreaker and feeding it to their pet.

Platinum Paws

Platinum Paws (PP) are a special currency given to you by the developers when you make a payment for Golden Moles or Frank 'n' Cents. They are used to buy 'bonus' pet poses. Two new adoptable pets with three poses each are put on sale on the first day of every month. Each pose costs 2 PP for a full sized image or 1 PP for a size 10 image. (Smaller sizes are sold for silver moles). You can ask for PP in your wish list or trade for them; at this time the prices being asked in trade are not excessive.

Jigsaw pieces

Jigsaw pieces can be used to win items from our Mystery Boxes. They are a special reward for playing PnF daily, given to users by our Non-Player Characters as an extra prize in the Shake Paws game.

Travel Tokens

Travel Tokens (TT) are won in the Travel Game, which runs about 6 times a year. They are used to buy scenes and other prizes only available through the Travel Game, sold in the Mall.

Solo Play Tokens

Solo Play Tokens are won in challenges when playing Power Pets. They can be used to buy special rewards which cannot be bought with any other currency.

Event Tokens

Event Tokens are won in Power Pets. Events. They can be used to buy special rewards which cannot be bought with any other currency.

Solo Star

Solo Star power bars give you 20 paid Solo Play turns in Power Pets.

Buy   x1 for
 x 2

Gold Podium

Gold Podium power bars give you 20 paid Event turns in Power Pets.

Buy   x1 for
 x 5
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