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KAREN the Holstein Friesian Calf (female)
Birthday: 2019-12-07 Adopted: 2019-12-07.

Skill: 1250 (Raw Recruit)

Mood: 300 (Indolent)

Best: 0.00 metres

Your challenger!

If you love dairy products then I'm the calf you want. In case you didn't know, my breed is the best milk producer in the world! I can also make lots and lots of delicious ice cream, cheeses, and butter, and I love to share with all my friends! And where I live determines my name! If my family's home is in North America, I am called a Holstein Calf. If we live in Europe, UK or Ireland I am called a Friesian Calf. So no matter where I have to mooooove to, as long as you have lots of grass in your pasture, that's all I need to be content. Well, that, plus a warm barn and other farm animals to snuggle up with in the hay after a long day of grazing in the warm sunshine.

KAREN's Skills

Find Food

Turns to go:
10 of 10

Skill: 2285
Best: 2825
Level 15843

KAREN's other achievements

This pet completed a world tour onApril 20th 2020!

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This pet found the meaning of Christmas on December 19th 2019!

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KAREN lives here!

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