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POPOY the Rare Spix Macaw (male)
Birthday: 2019-05-27 Adopted: 2019-05-27.

Skill: 24000 (Master)

Mood: 20000 (Melodic)

Best: 840.00 decibels

“Weigh anchor!”
“Buried treasure!”
“Shake paws!”
Wait, what?
Well, I do tend to repeat whatever I hear the most… I’m an extremely rare Spix Macaw (there are only about 75 of us left in the world, and those are mostly in captive breeding programs…) native to Brazil, but hanging around Pet’s ‘n’ Friends, I seem to be picking up some very strange new phrases! In the wild, I’m terribly hard to find (one of us was spotted in 2016, for the first time in over 15 years!) and since pirates seem to like things both rare and beautiful, I’ve managed to find a perch on some pretty swarthy shoulders! I’m not picky, though, so if you’re willing to lend a shoulder, I’d be happy to come and stay with you!

POPOY's Skills

Find Food

Turns to go:
10 of 10

Skill: 3160
Best: 4024
Level 211416

This pet won 8th place in Birdsong:Event Wins in the PnF Games 2020!

POPOY's 'Power Pets' trophies:

6th October 2020
Won a size 10 Chirrup trophy for skill in Birdsong!
27th August 2020
Won a size 7 Chirrup trophy for skill in Birdsong!

POPOY's 'Power Pets' achievements:


20th October 2020

6th place in Birdsong:Event %. Link

4th place in Birdsong:Event Wins. Link

20th September 2020

5th place in Birdsong:Champions. Link

6th place in Birdsong:Event Wins. Link

20th June 2020

7th place in Birdsong:Bravery. Link

This pet was your first pet to Totally Own the Champion pet at Birdsong! Link

POPOY's other achievements

This pet completed an Underwater Adventure on August 3rd 2020!

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POPOY lives here!

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