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We are very thankful for the paw shakes, feedings and gifts. Please don't feel any need to gift me if I have dropped anything off with your pet. :)
Carla Reid
& Starlight

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Starlight the Pink Jay (female)
Birthday: 2019-08-05 Adopted: 2019-08-05.

Skill: 1250 (Raw Recruit)

Mood: 300 (Cacophony)

Best: 840.00 decibels

Look at my feathers, aren't they neat? All the other birds are jealous. And why wouldn't they be? Not only are they soft, they're luxurious and beautifully coloured. But enough about my feathers, I'm sure you're not here just because I'm a pretty face.

I have some very tedious cleaning habits to keep looking my best - you should see my spa bill! Mud baths, cucumber masks (if I don't eat them!) and talon cures. I go only to the best spas around, all the employees know my name. I always bring a good book with me, nothing is more relaxing than reading while soaking my feathers! It provides me with the perfect time to get ahead so I am always ready for my book club on the weekends. I hear we're reading "Of Pets and Friends" next!

Starlight's Skills

Find Food

Skill: 7940
Best: 9892
Level 244475

This pet won 9th place in Birdsong:Champions in the PnF Games 2020!

This pet won 4th place in Birdsong:Challenges in the PnF Games 2020!

Starlight's 'Power Pets' trophies:

31st July 2020
Won a size 10 Chirrup trophy for skill in Birdsong!
28th June 2020
Won a size 7 Chirrup trophy for skill in Birdsong!

Starlight's 'Power Pets' achievements:


20th September 2020

1st place in Birdsong:Event Wins. Link

5th place in Birdsong:Event %. Link

2nd place in Birdsong:Champions. Link

1st place in Birdsong:Challenges. Link

20th August 2020

7th place in Birdsong:Champions. Link

3rd place in Birdsong:Challenges. Link

4th place in Birdsong:Form. Link

20th July 2020

4th place in Birdsong:Challenges. Link

20th June 2020

3rd place in Birdsong:Event Wins. Link

4th place in Birdsong:Challenges. Link

20th May 2020

3rd place in Birdsong:Bravery. Link

1st place in Birdsong:Form. Link

This pet was your first pet to Totally Own the Champion pet at Birdsong! Link

Starlight lives here!

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