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We are very thankful for the paw shakes, feedings and gifts. Please don't feel any need to gift me if I have dropped anything off with your pet. :)
Carla Reid
& Celeste

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This pet is the greeter!
Celeste the Stormy Sky Bunny (female)
Birthday: 2020-10-10 Adopted: 2020-10-10.

Skill: 1250 (Raw Recruit)

Mood: 300 (napping)

Best: 0.00 metres

Hello, friend. Did you hear that? The lovely sound of thunder in the distance. A storm is coming, quickly from the way the wind is picking up speed. I always love a good downpour, nothing more relaxing than curling up in my burrow listening to the rain as it patters the ground above. Why don't you come inside for some tea and enjoy the storm with me?

Come over here, look at this lightning! The way it dances across the storm clouds is simply lovely, it's as though the sky itself is cracking like an egg. I love watching the lightning dance, sometimes I try to find shapes in the afterglow the same way other pets find shapes in the clouds on a sunny day. Who needs bright skies when you can enjoy a cool refreshing storm?

Ohh, did you feel that? I think the storm is directly over us! This is my favourite part, it's both lovely and dangerous! Feel that thunder roar - mightier than even the most fearsome feline. And the lightning, sneakier than the sliest fox! Don't worry, here in my burrow we're well safe from any harm.

Celeste's Skills

Find Food

Skill: 2140
Best: 2635
Level 14751

Celeste's other achievements

This pet got enchanted by Halloween on October 21st 2020!

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Celeste lives here!

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