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We are very thankful for the paw shakes, feedings and gifts. Please don't feel any need to gift me if I have dropped anything off with your pet. :)
Carla Reid
& Peanuts

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Peanuts the White elephant (female)
Birthday: 2020-01-10 Adopted: 2020-01-10.

Skill: 1250 (Raw Recruit)

Mood: 300 (Blinkered)

Best: 0.0 mph

Are you here to play hopscotch with me? I have a bag of colorful rocks here to toss for our markers and we’ll draw the grid we need with chalk. I know you wouldn’t think of me jumping, but I’m really quite good! There’s nothing more I love than to enjoy playing games, join me! I promise to be extra careful not to step on your toes as we skip along. So pick your color and we’ll start our game.

Wiggle! Wiggle! I see my ‘prey’ in the high grasses! I can sneak up and catch it with my long trunk, I have been taking pouncing lessons from the lion cubs. If I crouch down low enough, no one will ever see me! I love this game of pounce! Somehow though, I never seem to hide quite well enough. My friends always seem to find me! Come join in the fun, it’s just what everypet needs, a little time out to play away the day!

1.. 2… 3… 4… 5…. 6… 7…. 8… 9… 10! Ready or not, here I come! (giggle) Where are you hiding my friend? I shall flap my ears and listen close, so be sure to be extra quiet! Wait! What’s that smell my trunk has detected? Peanut butter and jelly! Why it’s every elephant’s favorite! MMmm, I bet if the breeze keeps blowing, I’ll find that delicious snack! BOO! (giggle). I found you! Next time, don’t snack on an elephant’s favorite food when hiding!

Peanuts's Skills

Find Food

Turns to go:
10 of 10

Skill: 5053
Best: 6484
Level 242639

This pet has not made any achievements yet.

Peanuts lives here!

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