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Pedro the African Penguin Chick (male)
Birthday: 2019-12-23 Adopted: 2019-12-23.

Skill: 1250 (Raw Recruit)

Mood: 300 (Freezing)

Best: 672.00 metres

Your challenger!

I’m such a sad lil penguin. Won’t you please take me home? I recently learned that some humans insist upon calling us African penguins by a not so nice name for donkeys. Sniff sniff. Apparently they think that our calls to fellow colony members sound like a braying donkey. How rude! We are penguins! Not donkeys! Sheesh! So I am just looking for a nice home where I will be appreciated for who I am.

Hot sand! Hot Sand! Hot Sand! OK, so who had the brilliant idea to transplant us from the frigid barren desert of Antarctica to this hot and sometime humid climate of Africa? Was it you? I’m looking at you! I’m melting my tail feathers off! Next time can we please try for something a lil more temperate? Like Canada? At least they get four seasons…even if it is all in one day.

This hot weather truly is getting to me. Don’t mind if I take a little rest here in the shade. Just a 15 minute penguin nap should do. I know I should be grateful that I am not freezing my tail feathers off but this heat just leaves me with no energy. I want to dance but it seems all I can do each day is eat and sleep. Would you please turn on a fan? I could use the white noise to help doze off.

Pedro's Skills

Find Food

Turns to go:
10 of 10

Skill: 5179
Best: 6607
Level 242715

This pet won 12th place in Diving:Bravery in the PnF Games 2021!

This pet won 11th place in Diving:Challenges in the PnF Games 2020!

Pedro's 'Power Pets' achievements:


20th January 2021

7th place in Diving:Challenges. Link

20th December 2020

4th place in Diving:Form. Link

6th place in Diving:Challenges. Link

20th November 2020

4th place in Diving:Challenges. Link

3rd place in Diving:Form. Link

20th October 2020

5th place in Diving:Challenges. Link

7th place in Diving:Form. Link

20th September 2020

2nd place in Diving:Challenges. Link

4th place in Diving:Form. Link

20th August 2020

5th place in Diving:Form. Link

2nd place in Diving:Challenges. Link

Pedro's other achievements

This pet went for a Jaunt in Japan on January 23rd 2023!

Click the image to view the details!

This pet found the meaning of Christmas on December 28th 2019!

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Pedro lives here!

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