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Julia the Candy Cane Fairy (female)
Birthday: 2023-12-10 Adopted: 2023-12-10.

Skill: 1250 (Raw Recruit)

Mood: 300 (Dragging)

Best: 0 wows

Your challenger!

Lady Sparkles
Welcome Holly, welcome lights, welcome hearts filled with warmth, welcome to all this season’s delights.

Hi hi! I am a candy cane fairy. I am part of what makes this festive season so magical. No, I don’t help Santa, though I stop by to feed his reindeer from time to time. I love how cuddly they are, and sometimes Santa lets me take one of the reindeer out for a ride in the snow.

My job is to put the sparkle in Christmas, the gleam on the snow, the twinkle in your eye, the glow in the strings of lights, and the zip in the peppermint candy canes. I add a touch of magic wherever I am able to make sure this season shines.

This is a busy time of year for me, but it is not hard work if your heart is made glad. If you see a slight sparkle out of the corner of your eye, that is most likely me going about my day. May the season shine bright for you.

Julia's Skills

Find Food

Turns to go:
10 of 10

Skill: 2099
Best: 2686
Level 13724

Julia's other achievements

This pet made a fairy happy on December 25th 2023!

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Julia lives in this fairy house!

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