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Sunny the Sunflower Fields Caterpillar (male)
Birthday: 2021-06-01 Adopted: 2021-06-01.

Skill: 1250 (Raw Recruit)

Mood: 300 (Garrulous)

Best: 0 points

Walking through a field of sunflowers, a particular stalk catches your eye. What is that climbing along the bright yellow petals?

Welcome to my favourite sunflower field! I love spending the warm days of the seasons basking in the warm sun. And sunflowers are the best place to do it, they grow facing the sun, giving me the best position to be directly in the sun's strong rays. Won't you stay and bask with me?

Are those budding petals reaching up towards you?

I'm here to help spread some sunshine to everypet who crosses my path. Nothing makes me happier or my day sunnier than passing along some bright warm joy to the pets I encounter. If I could package up some sun for you to take on your journey I would!

Are those vibrant blooming petals moving toward each other?

Isn't the sun wonderful? I could spend every day on these petals, enjoying the warm sunshine. No bloom could get me closer than these tall flowers, and their petals make a lovely mid-day snack.

Sunny's Skills

Find Food

Turns to go:
10 of 10

Skill: 4599
Best: 5957
Level 242336

Sunny's other achievements

This pet travelled Turkey on March 24th 2022!

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This pet explored Canada on October 3rd 2021!

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This pet explored Italy on August 4th 2021!

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Sunny lives here!

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